Saturday, March 5, 2016


It has been brought to my attention that I have severely angered MANY parents by my recent blog postings. I am so, so, so very sorry.  There are not enough words in this world to adequately convey my feelings of regret in you disdain with my musings.  Those postings most definitely WERE NOT anywhere close to my intentions whatsoever.  I simply wanted to give my side of the story because I believe I know that I have been painted in an extremely negative light over the course of the past few days since I tendered my resignation, but have not been allowed to have contact with anyone or speak my truth.  As you know there are always two, if not three sides to every story.  You have been hearing one and now you are not allowed to hear the second without repercussions.

I did resign and I resigned for very personal reasons.  I should NOT have elaborated upon them in any way shape or form here on this blog for the 5th graders to interpret. I should NOT have put them (the sweet, sweet students) in the middle of this very adult situation.  It was so extremely wrong of me and I will forever be regretful of my choice in those actions. I was not thinking it through and the full consequences of these actions.  I must reiterate that am sorry and will be forever sorry for doing that.

I am an honest person and writing has always been my outlet.  It is how I express my emotions.  Did I take my writing too far The past couple of days? Absolutely.  Did I forget my audience? UNDOUBTEDLY!!! I was angry and I was emotional.  However, Am I unstable as I was called? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Just extremely emotional over a raw situation.  I am so sorry for dragging the 5th graders though things that may be over their heads.  I also want you to know that I NEVER gave them my phone number.  I have however, shared my personal email.

Anyway, the point of this is to offer my sincerest apologies for my blog posts that have offended you.  It was not m intention to offend you, but clearly I have and that truly, truly upsets me in knowing this.  I still cannot rest easy having now apologized, but I can at least know that you've heard my sincerest, most heartfelt apologies.  I only want the best for your children.  I truly love them endlessly and not seeing their faces daily is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Thank you for your understanding and I hope to have your forgiveness.  I truly love your students more than words.


  1. If you do truly love them, then please stop this. Stop it now. These children have never needed to be a part of this, and do not need to be a part of this in the future. I am having discussions with my child that I truly do not need to be having at this time. She doesn't understand what is happening, and I cannot explain it. What you are saying is turning her against her school, the administrators, and the remaining teachers. That is NOT helpful to me at all. I am struggling to get her to like school, let alone love it. It is a daily battle, but I was actually winning it. Now, I am starting to lose again.

    Writing is your outlet. That is fantastic. My outlet, my joy comes from raising my children, doing well at my job, and putting more happiness into the world on a daily basis. Please stop interfering with what I am able to do. I can only shield my child from so much. I shouldn't have to explain why a former teacher is spewing hatred. I really shouldn't.

    You have deleted several of your other posts. Why? If you so enjoy these moments when you are able to voice your thoughts, why be ashamed of them now? If you have any love left for my child, you will delete this entire blog. My girl checks it daily, and hangs on every word you say. For better or worse, you have managed to get into her head. I know you may think that is good, but she is eleven. Not old enough to understand adult issues, but old enough to start to formulate opinions and decide what is right and wrong. Please let me be the one to help guide her on this journey. I'm sure you would want the same for your boys.

  2. I appreciate your honesty and I value your response. I am sorry that I have presented an issue for you with your daughter- that was never my intentions in the slightest. I merely wanted my side of the story to be shared as I was treated incredibly unfairly for an entire year. Unfairly is probably too nice of a word. But was this the proper outlet? Probably not? And I will be forever regretful of that. To hear you say that your 5th grader is struggling with wanting to go to school cuts me and it cuts me deep. Whoever she is is obviously one of my students and this someone I loved and cared for deeply. I hate hearing this and would move mountains to clear her confusions and mend her broken heart. While I skewed lines in communicating this, these students mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love them so, so much and only want what's best for them but I was not allowed to carry through lessons or be the teacher I'm capable of being. Again, I am torn to shreds hearing this and at a loss for words. I am just so sorry. I want my side of the story to be heard but I also only want what's best for these insatiable students.

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