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Oh haaaaaaaay NEW 5th graders!!!  I feel like I already know who so many of you are, but I'm excited to get to know you so, SOOOOO much better.  While you shouldn't believe everything you hear from my crazies of yesteryear, you most definitely SHOULD believe that I AM quite crazy and love to make learning fun...like, SUPER fun, but I'm also quite serious as well.  We DO have a job to do here people, after all.  You probably remember me through most of LAST year like this:
and the product of that was this...
Harrison Bradley Thomas - He turned 6 months old July 5th.  Around here, he is known as H-ee, but most refer to him as Harry which you can as well.  You'll be hearing LOTS and LOTS about him :)
Being a little brother is tough, but H seems to handle it with ease :)

see?  little bro problems...
Now...onto yours truly...
Welcome! I am so excited to get to know you! This is my my second year at SMA, but NOT my second year of teaching...not even by a little!  Let's just say that while I look and act young, your dear ol' teach has been around the ol' teaching block for many a' few years :)
I grew up in Winchester (Clark County) & graduated from George Rogers Clark High School (GRCHS), the same high school my mother, 3 aunts, my grandfather, my brother, and my sister graduated from...as well as where my father taught! I then attended WKU with a major in pre-medicine, but graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education. Upon graduating, I moved to Louisville (because Mr. Thomas and I were engaged to be married and that's where he was already living!) and got a job teaching 4th grade in Shelby County. My husband, Brad, and I finally got married the summer after my first year of teaching after many, many years together. We were college sweethearts! After marrying, I continued to teach in Shelby Co. before before moving to Lexington and teaching in FCPS for 3 years and then Scott County for a few as well.  Mr. Thomas got a new job in Louisville in the summer of 2014 and on a whim, I applied to SMA.  Within a few days of meeting fabulous Mrs. Zettel, I had a new job and have never looked back.  I ABSOLUTELY adore it here at Saint Mary Academy and hope 5th grade will be your favorite year ever!

In April 2012, we had our first precious baby boy, Jack. He is amazing and along with his younger bro is our sunshine! You'll be seeing him a lot around the halls of SMA this year as he will be attending PreK3.
I am absolutely smitten with this boy right here

yes, he IS ALWAYS this happy!
Also, we are die-hard UK fans and enjoy tailgating and going to football and basketball games whenever we can. Some interests of mine include my family, my friends, cooking, photography, spending time in the sunshine, swimming, shopping, painting, vintage, and anything owls!  

Some more pics of my family and me:
This is my big brother and me (I call him, "Bub").  He lives in China and he visited us this back summer.  It was his first time to meet Harry!
Almost my whole heart in one picture!  This was at Saint Mary's summer picnic.  I had just finished my shift in the jar booth
I could just snuggle this heavenly ball of sweet angel baby love all day!
Mr. Thomas and me at the recent wedding of some friends

This is my niece, Cathryn, whom I have always referred to as "Prissy"
Jack in alllllll the snow this past winter
yup, definitely went to the Final Four in Indy this year and yup, definitely left disappointed.  Wahhhhhhhhh
When it's field day at SMA and blue is our color shirt and you show up in a HANDMADE DUKE shirt because you refuse to wear anything that is any semblance of UK blue...well, then your teacher gets to paint your face.  I think he looks FABULOUS, if I do say so myself.