Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello friends!  Boy, have I missed you all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic break and an even better Thanksgiving where you celebrated with friends, family, and loved ones!  I cannot wait to hear how everyone spent their great November holiday.  Unfortunately, I was very ill and did not to get to enjoy much...I am actually still sick (yucky pneumonia) and was not at school again today :(  I should hopefully (fingers crossed) be back tomorrow.  This looong time away from everyone has given me a heartache as I miss you all terribly!

Since I was not at school today, there should not be any homework...except working on your NEW spelling packet and MY math class' Chapter 5 (word problems) test will be THIS WEEK.  This time off though, has given me great opportunity to plan some exciting activities for us all and I am anxiously awaiting my return where we get to enjoy them!  I promise, you students should not be let down (well, I hope!).

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow and I am so excited to get back in the swing of things!  Also, I know Bob has much to fill us in on from his adventures with AbbyLou before break and with Caroline through Thanksgiving on their trip to New York! 

I miss you all so much!
Mrs. Thomas

26 days until Christmas!
(14 school days until Winter Break)

2 days until Hanukkah
(December 1st - 9th)

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