Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8.19.15 - Day TWO

Hello Gents and Judies!  Can you believe day TWO is already under our belt?  Already going, going, going!  I tell these babes that as well- they are thiiiiiis much closer to summer.  Ha!  Hardly.  But one can dream, yes?  Besides, I am enjoying all of these days we have promised ahead of us left here in 5th grade.  These kiddos are just far too sweet and I already love them just far too much.  They are just the greatest group! Boy, I am certainly one blessed teacher, for sure!
We switched classes today!  I did a lot of getting to know you with Mrs. Schleg's students. Then, students self-assessed from their personal narrative prompts they wrote yesterday.  I assured them that they should mostly be in the "not yet" or "starting to" column as they are just beginning of the year 5th graders.  They wrote these pieces on day 1 of 5th grade so little to any at all should be on 5th grade writing level benchmark standards yet so this should show much room for growth.  I want to show them the many things in which we'll be working on this year.
This is one of the four pages the students used today in their self-assessment scoring

this is the rubric I will be using for scoring
HOMEWORK: complete "WHY" journal entry prompt. Bring Loser book to class and make sure it is completed in reading.

Students took a pre-assessment over Math.  This is a non-graded assessment but a means of showing me what they remember from 4th grade math and what they already know of 5th grade math.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions #s 1, 2, & 3 due FRIDAY, August 21, 2015.

Our kiddos got to switch to Mrs. Schleg's room for the first time today!  YAY!  Science and our rhythm of school is beginning as we establish our learning routine.  We are ironing out some kinks with lengths of class time so we have no schedule set in stone yet for you to see, but as soon as we figure that out, we will get it posted.  In class, students talked about things they'd be doing throughout this year with Mrs. Schleg.
HOMEWORK: decorate Science journal and cover with plastic tape (due Monday)

Students ensured they had textbooks and discussed about what they'd be completing throughout the course of this year.

Students discussed the "Stations of the Cross" play they'll be putting on around Easter.
HOMEWORK: decorate Religion journal and cover with plastic tape to preserve (due Monday)

Rain, Rain go away...
As you are well aware, it was a rainy Wednesday :(  Wahhhhh  And thus, we had to have indoor recess.  I do not have many games (it's seriously a sad, sad scene!) for the students to play inside and so I am looking for some board game donations.  Might you be willing to donate some board games to our classroom so we have things to do on rainy (or too cold days once winter arrives) days such as this, please??!!?  I have several "Connect Four" boards and several decks of cards, but that's it.  We are looking for games that can be played quick like, Sorry!, Hungy, Hungry Hippos, Operation, Twister, BopIt!, Simon, etc.

Liam and I took to making origami today during recess.  We both could not remember the art of origami swan making.  Boo on us.  Guess we'll have to conduct some research.  Ahhh...boredom.  

And then there's this cutie...

she makes me smile :)
Electronic Device Forms:
I was going to post the forms on here yesterday from last year, BUT I could not find them on the resource drive to do so and found out there's a reason why I could not locate them... Ms. Stewart (our technology resource coordinator) says that students MUST come to her individually to inquire about the BYOD forms (Bring Your Own Device) and then go through the process from there as she will be emailing parents individually to then obtain the forms.  Apparently, it stems back to some misues of the WiFi and school policy from older students (and maybe younger alike) last year so SMA is cracking down this year on students getting the password.  I am ALL FOR students using their devices in class so if this is something your student is interested in, PLEASE encourage him/ her to go see Ms. Stewart IMMEDIATELY so we can get the ball rolling on this process!

Wish List items (put in order of importance):
  1. index cards
  2. old magazines/ newspapers


  1. The Mysterious Benedict Society #1 by Trenton Lee Stewart (Website HERE [it's cool!])
  2. The Giver by Lois Lowry (website HERE)
  3. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster (and animated movie of book to watch HERE)
  4. Prince Caspian (summary on SHMOOP)
  5. Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 
We thank you so much for any and all items you are willing to donate to our classroom!  You truly are so kind, helpful, and blessing us with your generosity!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
I AM L-O-V-I-N-G my class this year!
Mrs. Thomas

Action shot from yesterday :)

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