Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thundering Tuesday!!

Whoa...was it a CRAZY weather day or what?!?  It certainly made for an interesting Tuesday!  I was so proud of the students...they kept their composure and never acted wild or got off track.  They were willing to go with the flow and do what was asked of them; so while the weather might have been crazy, they were not!
Around lunchtime, our power went completely out!!!  It really was a unique experience adapting to being at school in darkness, but the students handled it well and we continued learning and maintaining our focus on the tasks at hand, even though we had to change our direction and do something different than planned. 

At the beginning of the day, we started on our second day of a focus on poetry.  We talked about 3 different figurative languages that are used in poetry to evoke feelings and images in our readers' minds: similes and metaphors (which were a review), and then onomatopoeia.  Ask your student about our activities with that...we had a blast!
After writing, we transitioned to reading.  We began our study upon Author's Purposes for writing.  There are 3 purposes in which an author will write; to entertain, to inform, and to persuade.  We will be looking at biographies and autobiographies and will be writing a short autobiography of our own.  There is no homework, except working on your Spelling packet and the definitions of the words.  Remember, your spelling tests will be me giving the definition and you must identify and correctly spell the word that accompanies that definition.
In math, we got to do our groups and rotations today!  Students did great working with their groups.  For independent practice, we continued working on our ORQs and bringing up to a score of '4'.  We also worked on Workbook pages 31-36.  We will take our assessment over Mental Math and Estimation this Friday.  Tomorrow, we will complete reviewing worksheet pages and our chapter review to prepare for the assessment.  NO HOMEWORK THIS EVENING!
We earned a GREEN paw in lunch again!
Finally, after lunch we had class out in the hallway.  We worked on a "6-Room Poem" lesson and will complete it tomorrow.  Talk to your student about this activity!

I am so proud of you!
Mrs. Thomas

PS, DO NOT forget BOO-grams are still on sale for $1 until Friday.  We still need almost everything for our Fall Party on Friday at 1:30.  "Hunger Heroes" Food Drive continues until Friday AND so does Box Tops! We also still need candy for our classroom candy jar! Thank you for everything you do!

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