Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...aaaaannnd, I'M BACK!!!  Whew!  I am so happy to be able to be back and with my wonderful students!!!  I really have missed everyone so much...it's been lonely being sick!

We began the day by having spring...errr... FALL cleaning!  With so many absences recently, I decided we needed a thorough clean down from top to bottom over the entire room.  We cleaned every last inch of this classroom so germs don't stand a chance against us any longer!

Next, during reading, the students got back their spelling tests from last week and their lesson 4 packets.  I know that a spelling packet was sent home yesterday...BUT...unfortunately, that was the wrong packet.  Therefore, the students can get some easy credit for that packet (the easy one, as we call it) as it is due by this Friday but also MUST complete the normal (and more challenging) 'Wordly Wise' packet.  The test will be over the 'Wordly Wise' packet and the definitions.  We spent reading class time getting caught up on some things and began our new story.  This week, we will again be studying making inferences and using clues to determine answers that the author may not state directly for us.  We have no become "Reading Dectectives" and even came up with code names for ourselves.  I am Ybba Masmoht.  Ask your student what his/her code name is!  My favorite was Liagiba, Repooc, and Notyep.  We had so much fun...and a special activity is planned for the end of the week :)

In math, we began our assessment over Chapter 5: word problems and will continue working on it tomorrow.

Finally, we did not have Social Studies or Science because of the chorus concert.

I am so happy to be back!
Mrs. Thomas

Christmas is 25 days away!!!
(Winter Break is in 17 days!!!)

Hanukkah begins tomorrow!

Bob's Adventures with AbbyLou

Day One-
To start the day with Abby, we got on the daycare van...I swiched seats 3 times!!! Finally, when we got seated we read what I did last week.  A few minutes after that there were speed bumps...Abby and I loved them on the van!  After that, we had snack at daycare. I loved the goldfish! Then, Abby`s dad picked us up. When we got home, Abby made me a hammock to rest in. It is so cool!!!!!! Abby got her old see through hat, tied silly bands to it, then tied the other side to her bed.  I absolutely loved it.

Then, we picked up Abby`s little brother`s babysitter and dropped her off at Abby`s house. We went to the movie theater to see Harry Potter...I've heard it's the newest and best movie out!  When we got seated in the movie theater, I got scared but Abby calmed me down. The movie was AWESOME!  I'll have to read the books.  When we got home, no one was hungry so we went to bed.

Day Two-
Today, Abby asnd I went to singing lessons.  Micah really got my music big itching so I loved it...they were a blast!  Before I know it, I will be able to run a one man band!  :)  Then, we went shopping and I especially loved seeing all the people!  There are so many of you humans!  And what an interesting concept, buying things you need instead of hunting for them...whoa!  For lunch, I had something called a doughnut...it was sweet and oh so very delicious.  I want one everyday, but apparently, they're kinda bad for me.  After a few hours, we had dinner.  I begged Abby for some more of those Goldfishy cracker thingys I had yesterday and she gave me some!  yum...yum!  Afterwards, we watched Toy Story3.  I have to say, I was NOT a fan of the way the kids treated the toys...I mean, can YOU imagine?!?  Terrible.  Finally, Abby's dad made popcorn and cookies for the movie, "A Christmas Carole" which was awesome too!  After as busy day, I was beat and it was time for bed.  Talk to you tomorrow!

Day Three-
I had the BEST time today...but I did mostly sleep!  I played with Abby's little brother, Jacob so that's why I was sound asleep...little booger wore me out!  What energy!  I got to go to Abby's grandparents' house (Mama and Papa) and played with Caleb and Jacob.  That wore me out too!  Next up: a visit with Caroline...apparently, we are going to NEW YORK!!! 

Can't wait to report back soon!
Hoot!  Hoot!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello friends!  Boy, have I missed you all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic break and an even better Thanksgiving where you celebrated with friends, family, and loved ones!  I cannot wait to hear how everyone spent their great November holiday.  Unfortunately, I was very ill and did not to get to enjoy much...I am actually still sick (yucky pneumonia) and was not at school again today :(  I should hopefully (fingers crossed) be back tomorrow.  This looong time away from everyone has given me a heartache as I miss you all terribly!

Since I was not at school today, there should not be any homework...except working on your NEW spelling packet and MY math class' Chapter 5 (word problems) test will be THIS WEEK.  This time off though, has given me great opportunity to plan some exciting activities for us all and I am anxiously awaiting my return where we get to enjoy them!  I promise, you students should not be let down (well, I hope!).

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow and I am so excited to get back in the swing of things!  Also, I know Bob has much to fill us in on from his adventures with AbbyLou before break and with Caroline through Thanksgiving on their trip to New York! 

I miss you all so much!
Mrs. Thomas

26 days until Christmas!
(14 school days until Winter Break)

2 days until Hanukkah
(December 1st - 9th)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi gang, 

I hope everyone had a great day!  Also, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  I was out again today.. so I am sorry I did not get to tell everyone Happy Turkey Day.

I miss you!
Mrs. Thomas

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello all - 
Don't really have any updates since I was out today and will be again tomorrow. I guess with so many sick kids, I was bound to get something!  I hope everyone has a GREAT night...and know that you have NO HOMEWORK!  I miss you all so much!

Mrs. Thomas

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This Week at Garden Springs
Nov.22—Day 2
Unity Day

2:45-3:30p: 3rd Grade Lego Club

2:45-3:45p: Performing Arts Club Rehearsal

FRC Angel Tree (11/8-12/6)

Nov. 23—Day 3
“Turkey” greets students

5th Grade—Colonial Day

Science Fair Experimental Design Due

Nov. 24, 25, 26 No School - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Santa at Lexington Green wants to help GSE PTA. If you use the coupon you will receive $3 off a photo package and GSE PTA will receive $1 for each coupon used. Feel free to print extra coupons for family and friends. The coupons are attached to this post and will also come home in Weds folder.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stone Soup Friday!

The stones (err..meatballs) were our favorite!

We made STONE SOUP today!!!  Most of the kids thought it was pretty yummy, some didn't like everything that was in it, but the majority gave an overwhelmingly positive response!  To be honest, I didn't think it would be all that wonderful, but it actually was good!  We first mixed Beef Boullion and water to create our broth.  Next, we added freshly chopped onions, fresh ginger, freshly chopped celery, fresh organic chives, salt, pepper, sugar snap peas, meatballs (as the stones), crushed red pepper, minced garlic, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrots, rice, and noodles.  Finally, we poured more broth over all of the ingredients and let it cook for 4 1/2 hours.  Here are some pics...

We made enough to share with all of G-Complex!

The beginning of Stone Soup

We all crowded around to add our ingredients

TJ loved it!  He kept asking for seconds!


Our reading class is the BEST!

Love our Readers!

After we got our stone soup mixed together and cooking, we began our Spelling test.  Upon completion of our spelling test, we began our weekly ORQ.  Almost every single one that I graded got a '4'!  Wooo Hooo!!!  And guess what?  I have some big plans for reading next week :)

In math, we continued reviewing word problems and then got to play baseball addition since it is 'gameday Friday'!

After lunch, our stone soup was finally ready and we gobbled it all up.  Once we ate it, we went on a walk and then watched a video about the first Thanksgiving. 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  Only 2 days of school next week!
Mrs. Thomas

6 days until Thanksgiving!!!

Bob's Adventures - Days 2 & 3 (with Micah)

Micah took me to her home today after school and she immediately started on her homework.  She got done as fast as lightning!  Then, she took me with her to her friend's house on her bike.  Her name was Lisa Madden.  Micah,Lisa, and me made a house for shelter. We gathered sticks, twigs, and bark to make a roof for our house. We saw a tree near the fence and put the sticks and twigs and put them slanted on the fence to the tree.  Soon, Micah had to go so I went back with her on her bike and to her house. She said, "It is VERY cold!" I really did not think it was cold at all, though!  Soon, we got back to her house and went in.  She told me that people and friends were coming to her house and also said that I have to use polite manners.  I hugged Micah tight like I was never going to let go.  I think she is nice, caring, and loving...oh,don't forget that she is also...F-U-N, FUN! Then, the sound of a honk broke my thoughts of Micah and I grabbed her hand,"What's that?" I asked. "Oh, it is a person," Micah replied. She ran to the door without me...but soon ran back and grabbed me in her arms and came back to the door. We saw people coming and then Micah said, "Bob, you maybe need to eat something before they come in." "Okay, I will!" I said.  Me and Micah rushed to the kitchen and Micah quickly got me a stuffed mouse like I had had before.  I gobbled it quickly...it was DELICIOUS!  I have had so much fun with Micah!  I cannot wait to experience new adventures with someone else this weekend!

Hoot Hoot!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Is it just me, or has this week gone by super fast?!?  I LOVE that feeling!

We were really down on size today...we had SIX students absent!  YIKES!  Therefore, something is obviously going around and well, it has hit us HARD so here is your formal warning to wash those hands, get plenty of rest, bathe daily, and take those vitamins!  I sure miss my kiddos when they're not here!

I made a big 'boo-boo' and forgot to bring in the slow cooker to make our stone soup in reading :(  I'm sorry guys, I PROMISE, we will make it tomorrow!  In reading, we worked on getting a '4' on our ORQ that we've been getting coached on and have been working with in small group time with me this week.  Groups were also able to meet and go through their literature circle roles.  Students who did NOT get their multiple choice portion done of the quiz need to complete it TONIGHT for HOMEWORK.  Also, study, study, study those spelling words and their definitions!  The packet is due tomorrow. 
On that note, please review ALL of the packet tonight with an adult at home (and I mean, every single question on every single page).  As I am reading through your packets and grading them, I am seeing some very careless mistakes that can be avoided by simply reading the directions and double-checking your work. 

There were several students who did not do their math homework last night either :(  Come on guys, it was only THREE problems and the workbook walked you through each step.  You NEED to be practicing this concept of word problems at home.  You will never get better until you practice, practice, practice!  No one is perfect at something the first time...if we were, we'd all be rocket scientists and doctors!  No homework tonight, but there may be a quiz tomorrow...hint hint!

During Science and Social Studies time, we again worked on completing our On-Demands for Ms. Sharp that are due on Monday...boy, what a PROCESS they are!!!  Be sure and check back tomorrow for Bob's blog about his last night with Micah tonight.  He will be traveling home with someone else over the weekend and we can't wait to hear about what all he got to do!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK from TODAY!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello all...it's Wednesday!  Be sure to check below for Bob's first adventure with Micah.  Bob is our stuffed owl that will be going home on journeys with students and keeping a journal of his adventures.  The student will report daily on our blog what Bob has to say about his experiences!
We began our day by finishing Charlotte's Web which was our PAWS reward from yesterday.  In reading, we were unable to make Stone Soup since we did not have all of our ingredients (my fault...I went to the grocery last night, but did not pick up beef broth which is essential to the making of the soup!).  We were able to work in our group rotations today. For homework tonight, please complete the "Even More Inferences" worksheet and turn in at the start of class tomorrow.  Also, continue studying your spelling words and their definitions!

In math, we continued our focus upon word problems.  We must remember to fully read the questions asked of us several times to ensure we understand what is required to do.  Most problems require more than one step to solve the equation.  Tonight for homework, complete pages 78-80 in your WORKBOOK.  **It says in the instructions to use a bar model to solve, you DO NOT have to draw a bar model...just complete the problems.  Remember, most have more than one step!!**

We had an AWESOME report from P.E. today which makes me so happy!  AND...we earned a GREEN paw in lunch again...wooooo hooooo!!!  Finally, we worked on our On-Demands that are due on Monday to Ms. Sharp.  We are really coming along with our idea development and elaborating by putting our thoughts onto paper so our readers can maintain interest throughout the piece. 

Thank you for being you!
Mrs. Thomas
Thanksgiving is 8 days away!

Bob's Adventures - Day One with Micah (11.16.10)

     As I go home from school with Micah, I walk into her bedroom and she makes me a place to stay while I am at her house.  She and I look around for a place for me to stay.  I spot something with my owl eyes and I say, "How about I sleep by your shelf ?" "Oh Bob,you spot everything! That place will be great!" she says in reply to me. I then fly down and fix the curtain, which is white and has flowers on it.  Micah puts a pillow down so I can be comfortable.  "Good! The curtain is a backround and the pillow is my bed!" I tell her.  I fly down to my new bed to see how it is. "Wow!I love it!" I proclaim as I add a pot that has a fake flower near my bed. "Looking good!" she calls to me as she watches.
     "Hey, Bob, it is snack time!" At that, Micah and I rushed to the kitchen and came back with a stuffed animal mouse for me to eat.  I gobbled it up!  "Yum, yum!"  I assure her, "that was gooooood!  Thank you!". 
     "You're welcome!" she said cheerfully.  We smiled at each other like happy newborns.  Then, I hear Micah's mom, "Micah, it's time for piano lessons!"  Whoa, I've never played piano before!  "Okay," she replies and she takes me out of the house to her mom's waiting car.  We drive to her piano teacher's house and I meet her.  Her name is Allison Powell and she is very nice.  Micah assures me that she will like me when she sees I am a bit nervous.  Together, we walk to her steps and ring her doorbell and she soon answers the door.  We got to play, "Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer"!  After a quick 30 minutes, it was time to go so we said, "bye!" and drove home. 
     Thankfully, it was dinner time and we had fish which was very, yummy!  After dinner, I really wanted to watch TV, so we watched, "the Waltons".  I really liked that TV show and the character I loved the most was the mom of the family.  Actually, I really liked the whole family, but the mom was my favorite.  Micah's dad then asked us if we wanted a cookie.  "Sure!" we excitedly replied.  We went to the kitchen and ate the cookie quickly...it was gooooood!  After gobbling it up, we went back to watching some TV and soon, it was time for bed.  I watched as Micah brushed her teeth and wondered what that felt like?  When she was done, she carried me to her room and into our beds.  Boy, I sure was sleepy!  She even put me to bed and gave me a kiss goodnight...she is so sweet!  I hope I can stay with her again!  "Goodnight" she soothed as I got tucked in, but I heard her in my dreams because I was already sound asleep!  "Oh Bob, you fall asleep fast!" and before we knew it, it was morning.  See you tomorrow, and Micah, 'Owl' always love you!

Hoot, hoot!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hola Amigos!!!  I hope everyone's Tuesday has found you well and wonderful!  Boy, was it a nasty, rainy day...and now, the wind may blow us away!!!

This morning, we began by continuing to work on our On-Demand writing pieces for November that are due to Ms. Sharp by Monday.  We are doing a fabulous job and are learning about writing about given topics on command...or ON-DEMAND!  This month, our topic (made up) is writing an article to our school's newspaper (hypothetically speaking, of course) about a project from Ms. Sharp in which students will take 5 minutes of their recess to pick up trash around our school.  The students must write to inform their peers as to why this is a good idea, what and how it can be done, and the meaning of the phrase, "All for one and one for all".  It is exciting seeing the students develop in their writing, especially through creating engaging leads and meaningful idea elaborations.  They will undoubtedly be "pros" at this concept before the end of 3rd grade...and especially when it is their turn to test in this specific area as 5th graders!

In reading, we had so much fun playing 'charades'.  Since we are still focusing upon learning to make inferences by using clues in a text to read between the lines and make educated guesses about what the author is implying, charades was a fun way to practice this skill!  Students had to use the clues from body language and actions of their peers to 'infer' their topic.  It really was fun...we are so competitive!  Tomorrow, we will be continuing to work on inferences and, will be making 'Stone Soup'!  So if you have items you are willing to send in or have extra to spare at home, we'll need them tomorrow!  Here are some remaining items we are still in need of:
**mung beans
**bean curd
lily buds
giant spoon
taro root
sweet cakes
lychee nuts
**optional items
Instead of math, both classes (Mrs. Ingold and ours) have again, met their goals for PAWS for compliments in the hallway or classroom from other staff.  Therefore we watched the original 'Charlotte's Web' together in our room.  It was great for members of my reading class who read that chapter book in their reading groups last 9 weeks and we were all able to make text-to-text connections in comparing the similarities and differences between the events of the book and the events of the movie.

In lunch, we earned another GREEN paw!!!  We are on a roll!  After lunch, we were unable to have our 'Wellness Walk' due to the weather and then went to support the 4th and 5th graders in their KCCT Awards assembly in the gym.  Ms. Sharp asked us to attend so we could see what is store for us at this time next year as we will be taking on the CATS test endeavor this year!  As a former 4th grade teacher, it was so amazing seeing all my former students receiving awards for doing so well, and we had many siblings who were recognized today for outstanding performances!  Just think, in only a few months, that will be all of us!!!

You all make me proud everyday, and I'm absolutely CRAZY about you!!
Mrs. Thomas

9 days  until Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Happy Monday all!

Alonna and Fuzzy
Whew, it was a busy, busy day!  Alonna absolutely made my day right off the bat by giving me a "Build-a-Bear" owl that she had made me over the weekend.  It even talks!!!  I love, love, loooooove it and Elizabeth Turner Thomas, Fuzzy, for short became our new class mascot.  She went everywhere for us, the kids love her, I love her, and she absolutely warms our hearts!!!  Thanks Alonna...you are AMAZING!!!

Our new class mascot!!!

I love her!

In reading, we got to get back in our reading groups and on our normal schedule.  Tonight for homework: please complete your Inferences packet and begin working on your Spelling packet that is due on Friday.

In math, we began our new chapter over using bar models.  We will not be using much of these as they can tend to be pretty confusing, (more than helpful) so we will just be focusing on word problems as they involve complete real-world applications. Word problems are a complex mathematical skill that involve setting up problems on our own and reading deeper to figure out the meaning behind what we are asked to do and to find.  We had a rocky start today, but I am confident we will see much success as we learn and go on our journey through this concept! 

We got to have LUNCH BUNCH today!  And finally, after lunch and our Wellness Walk, we worked on one of our On-Demands for this month with Mrs. Ingold's class. 

Have a terrific Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is 10 days away!!!

Weekly Happenings: 11.15.10 - 11.19.10

This Week at Garden Springs:

Nov. 15—Day 3
2:45-3:45p: Performing Arts Club Rehearsal

Learning Checks

FRC Angel Tree (11/8-12/6)

Nov. 16—Day 4
Science Fair Project Proposal Due

Nov. 17—Day 5
7:30-8:00a: K-Kids

2:45-4:00p: Governor’s Cup Academic Team Practice

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Nov. 18—Day 6
11:00a-12:00p: FRC Advisory Council Meeting

2:45-4:00p: STLP

2:45-3:45p: Ecology Club

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Nov. 19—Day 1

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

I hope everyone got to (or gets to) enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!  We have certainly been blessed with all of our fantastic weather.  I must admit though, I AM ready for fall like weather...how about you?!?

Fridays are ALWAYS very busy so we got off to a slow start and were pretty amped up about the weekend.  Therefore, the students engaged in silent reading time to get back on track...they are so enthusiastic about so many things :)  I am so blessed to have such wonderful, caring, and charismatic students! 

In reading, we took our spelling test and then our definitions tests.  We also got back our definitions tests from last week and made corrections to learn from our mistakes and get half credit back to our score.  These will be sent home with their final grade for your review on Monday.  This took the majority of our time so we then watched a movie/ cartoon portrayal of "Stone Soup" (our story from yesterday) and made text-to-text connections between the story and the movie as we observed many differences.  It was awesome seeing how much the students remembered from the story and were able to point out that was not present in the cartoon or was different.  They really are comprehending what they are reading! 

In math, I believe Fridays are a day for assessments or review...and with that review, comes GAMES!  I introduced a NEW game today called, "Baseball Addition" which is adapted from "Baseball Multiplication" that I played with my 4th graders in previous years.  The class was split into two groups.  Each group had a turn at bat.  Batting was rolling 4 die and depending on the sum of the numbers shown on all the die, the students got to move bases...a single was rolling a sum of 10-14; a double was a sum of 15-19; a triple was a sum of 20-23; and a HOMERUN was a sum of 24.  Also, an out was getting a sum of 4-9.  We had so much fun playing and the students really got some great practice with adding mentally!  I cannot wait to do it with subtraction!

We had computer for specials and then got to eat lunch in the room because of the PTA Reflections Awards.  Mrs. Moses came in for Guidance where we learned and practiced having polite and respectful conversations with people.  We learned it is extremely important to maintain appropriate eye contact with the person in which you are speaking with as well as having good listening ears. 

While Mrs. Moses was in, our Reflections winners went to their awards ceremony in the cafeteria.  Congratulations to Abby, Ahmad, Alyssa, Lauren, Lisa, and Tabitha for being our class winners!  We are soo proud of you!!!

Our PTA, "Together we Can" Reflections Writing Piece Winners!!!
 Finally, we ended a GREAT day with Book Buddies with Mrs. Hubers's class. 
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Veteran's Day everyone!  We LOVE all our of Veterans and are so appreciative of your bravery and willingness to serve for our country!!! 

In reading, we had a GREAT time reading the folktale, "Stone Soup".  We learned that folktales are stories passed down orally from generation to generation.  The story was also a fantastic lesson where we learned that it is important to work together to accomplish a task and establish a working community.  The stones were not actually important to the soup, but were an intriguing concept that the monks used to peak interest in what they were doing so people would end up working together.  It worked, and a delicious soup was made!  We are hoping to make the same 'stone soup' from the story as an activity during class next week...however, we need many ingredients.  Below is the list of items that are needed to make stone soup (we only need a very, very small amount of any item since there are so many!):

1) 3 round/smooth stones
2) 5 big onions
3) carrots
4) salt and black and red pepper/ spices
5) baby corn
6) mung beans
7) noodles
8) bean curd
9) garlic
10) cabbage
11) yams
12) dumplings
13) soy sauce
14) tomatoes
15) mushrooms
16) lily buds
17) chives
18) ginger root
19) pea/ bean pods
20) winter melon
21) celery
22) bread/ buns/ sweet bread (King's Hawaiian)
23) rice
24) lychee nuts

PS, Don't forget to study, study, study the spelling of your words and their definitions tonight!  Packets are due by TOMORROW before the tests!

We are so FULL of thanks! (Our new door display for Thanksgiving)

For math, those of us who did not have a '4' on our Chapter 2 assessment's ORQ rewrote it to make it a 4.  Almost everyone finished with a 4!  Whew!  The students who earned a 4 were able to play a new game with me called, "The 18th Hole". No homework this evening!
We were so excited to have all of our guests at lunch today...it was AWESOME!  Thanks for coming, everyone!  AND...we earned a GREEN paw!

Finally, Mr. Barnes came and it was such an amazing lesson!  We learned about how money works and even got to write our own checks and deposit slips.  We even got to work in companies and see what it was like to live as a responsible consumer or working adult in today's society.  It was wonderful!  Sadly, it was his last day :(  We have had so much fun with him!  Thank YOU, Mr. Barnes, for all of your fun lessons and for doing so much for us!  We REALLY appreciate everything and are very sad to see you leave!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY...yeaaaa!!!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is ONLY 2 weeks from today!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello all-

What a beautiful fall Wednesday we have amongst us!  I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the weather!  Today, we continued working on our senses poems...they are really coming along and it is nice for the students to see the progression through the drafting stage of writing.

In reading, we had to take time to finish our performance checks.  Most students got this completed today and we will be able to resume as usual with our groups.  All groups need to read the next chapter in their reading books.  You should be finished with the 3rd chapter by tomorrow.  Also, do not forget to study your spelling words and their definitions.

In math, we also had to complete our performance assessment today as well.  We should be finished with them by tomorrow!  (Finally!)

We had music today for specials AND we earned another GREEN paw in lunch!

Finally, we switched for Social Studies.  There is NO HOMEWORK in that subject tonight. 

You are all maginificent!
Mrs. Thomas
15 days until Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Happy Terrific Tuesday, Friends!!!

I hope our fabulous day has found you well!  What a BEAUTIFUL fall day!

We began our day by getting together our Thanksgiving Turkey...he's so cute!  Stay tuned for pictures to come!  We then moved to writing and began drafting a senses poem.  I think they are going to turn out GREAT!

In reading, we took our fall performance assessment.  Only a few got completed and we already have THREE '4s' on the ORQ!!  Way to go Alyssa, Caroline D., and Olivia!  We will be completing this assessment tomorrow and getting in our new reading groups.  For homework, please read the SECOND CHAPTER of your new chapter book from your groups.  Also, DO NOT forget to study your words and work on that packet!

In math, we continued our rounding assessment, and then coached our ORQ up to a 4.  NO homework tonight!

We earned a green paw in lunch!

Finally, we transitioned to Science and Social Studies.  There is NO HOMEWORK in either!

Have a GREAT night!
Mrs. Thomas

16 days until Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Happy Monday all!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

This morning, we COMPLETED our testing...WHEW!!!  Upon completion of it, we switched for shorter Reading and Math classes.  In reading, we turned in our 'Wordly Wise' spelling packets and then took the spelling portion of the test.  MANY students spelled, 'onomatopoeia' correctly!  I took up the spelling tests and then passed out the definitions test.  We will be using this format from here on out because I want students to study and know the definitions, but also how to correctly spell the words and not just put emphasis on one or the other.  A new spelling packet was administered and will be due this Friday.  Please work on it all week to prepare for the assessment.  We also got NEW reading groups today and all groups got a NEW book!  Please read the first chapter of each of your books tonight!  Students had one of the following books: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary, Class Clown by Johanna Hurwitz, How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell, or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.  We are so excited about reading these books!

In math, we worked on completing our Chapter 2 assessment over estimation and rounding.  We will continue working on it tomorrow as many ORQs are not yet a '4'.

We had Library for specials and then earned a GREEN paw in lunch!

Finally, we transitioned to Social Studies with Mrs. Ingold where there is no homework for this evening.  My Science class used paper plates to make models of animal's mouths because all animals have unique mouths that are adapted for eating and their survival.

Have a great start to your week, this evening!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is 17 days away!

Weekly Happenings: 11.8.10 - 11.12.10

This Week at Garden Springs

Nov. 8—Day 4
1st MAP Testing Window Continues (8/30-11/12)

2:45-3:30: 3rd Grade Lego Club

2:45-3:45p: Performing Arts Club Rehearsal

Turkey Feather Sales (11/8-11/19)

FRC Angel Tree (11/8-12/6)

Nov. 9—Day 5
7:50-8:10a: Beta Club Meeting

Science Fair Contract Due
Parents night for the Science Fair at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria. Snacks will be provided.

Nov. 10—Day 6
 Spirit Day (wear your GSE t-shirt or sweatshirt)

2:45-4:00p: Comic Creators

2:45-4:00p: Governor’s Cup Academic Team Practice

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Nov. 11—Day 1
Veteran’s Day Luncheon

PAC Field Trip to Opera House to see Aladdin (time TBA)

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Nov. 12—Day 2
1st MAP Testing Window Ends (8/30-11/12)

2:35-3:45p: 4th & 5th Grade Spanish Club

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5th, 2010

Hello all and happy weekend...it's finally here!

We finished our 3rd grade fall testing in the areas of Science and Social Studies today.  The students were absolutely WONDERFUL during this time.  We even took a little break in between the two tests and played telephone...it was wacky seeing what ended up coming out of the last person's mouth after it went through 25 sets of ears. 

After the test, we transitioned to math where my math class played our "Sum it up" game.  Congratulations to Griffen for being our winner!  Mrs. Ingold's class worked on completing their ORQs from the Chapter 2 assessment.  Recess sure was cold!  From here on out (until it warms up in Spring) you should ALWAYS wear a warm coat!

We did not have lunch bunch today but some students DID earn a talking lunch.  Way to go Friends!  After lunch, we rushed back to have Guidance with Mrs. Moses.  Finally, we had Book Buddies with Mrs. Hubers's Kindergarten class.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Be sure to watch our basketball team tonight against Dillard, and our football team tomorrow against Charleston Southern! 
Mrs. Thomas

20 days until Thanksgiving!