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Good Thursday to you, my fine friends!  And what a terrific day it was!  Please see the bottom of this post for pics from the SMA Chow wagon today
Brenna and Matthew's last Derby post HERE
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN summarize a text.  2) I CAN compare and contrast two texts.
It's a Derby themed day around SMA, people.  Thus, we read two passages about the Kentucky Derby.  The students then compared and contrasted the information given within both articles.  Upon completion, they had a quiz upon each article and then selected one of the Derby winners from the past 140 years.  From this Derby winner, they will research information about them and summarize it into a newspaper article front page.
HOMEWORK: research/ find information on Derby racehorse and bring it in Monday!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify angles and name their parts.  2) I CAN use a protractor to measure and draw angles. MATH 2: 3) I CAN apply concepts of Geometry towards the planning and building of a city.
We started our day with a bellringer that was KY Derby themed.

We then FINALLY began our focus upon Geometry!  Students learned about ANGLES and how to use a protractor.  We learned how to label angles, the parts of angles, and how to classify angles based upon their measurements.

Math #2 is also beginning a supplemental unit in conjunction with this Geometry unit.
They will be taking our Geometry concepts in which we work upon in class and applying them towards the building of their city.

This is the end result :)
HOMEWORK: MATH 2 students need to research some information about shapes pertaining to their permit packet for Geometrocity

Students watched a Bill Nye video over the circulatory system.
HOMEWORK: print out Science guided notes on Edmodo

Students took a test over Chapter 7, Lesson 3 (American Revolution)
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Master Gardener
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!  Click HERE for some fun.  Jimmy Fallon NEVER disappoints :)
Mrs. Thomas


a few of our super special peeps (Alyssa, Garrett, and Andrew B.) have started a new blog.  Sweet little sillies think they will compete with Mrs. Thomas.  That's so precious.  You're adorable. Game, on friends...GAME. ON.  You can access THEIR blog by clicking HERE.

Thursday Last Derby Post!

Welcome Back!!!

Owen  would appreciate if we told you that he's sister Anna is going to be in the Pegasus Parade today!!  

Was anyone at the Steamboat Race Yesterday???
I was not!!!

The belles!!!!
From 2009 sorry couldn't find a better recent picture from yesterday!!!

The Belle of Louisville won the race!

1. Ocho Ocho Ocho  50-1
2. Carpe Diem  8-1           
3. Materiality  12-1           
4. Tencendur  30-1            
5. Danzig Moon  30-1       
6. Mubtaahij 20-1              
7. El Kabier 30-1               
8. Dortmund 30-1              
9. Bolo  30-1                      
10. Firing line  12-1               
11. Stanford  30-1                  
12. International Star  20-1    
13. Itsaknockout 30-1             
14. Keen Ice 50-1                   
15. Frosted  15-1                    
16. War Story  50-1               
17. Mr. Z  50-1                       
18. American Pharoarh 5-2    
19. Upstart 15-1                      
20. Far Right 15-1                   

Those are the horses that are in the Kentucky Derby! 
The favorites are...
American Pharoah  5-2
Dortmund  3-1              
Carpet Diem 8-1           
Materiality 12-1            
Firing Line 12-1           
American Pharoah  5-2

Chow wagon today!!!!1

Image result for Chow wagon

This looks amazing!!!!!

Image result for Corn dogs

These bad boys stole my heart!!

Now, now we are getting off TRACK!!!!

ha,ha,ha...that was a joke,get it...the TRACK!!!!

Well that concludes Matthew and Brenna's Blog Post for Derby Week...thank you for reading!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Derby Post #1 Wednesday!!!!

It's Derby Time!

Here are the horses
and the odds...

1. International Star 18-1
2. Dortmund  9-2    
3. Carpe Diem  7-1  
4. American Pharoah 9-4
5. Frosted   16-1         
6. Mubtaahij  12-1      
7. Materiality 12-1
8. El Kabeir  33-1       
9. Upstart    20-1         
10. Far Right   33-1         
11. Itsaknockout 33-1 
       12.Firing Line 18-1
13. Danzig Moon 
14. War Story 40-1
15.Tencendicular 33-1
16.  Stanford 66-1
17. Mr.Z 40-1
18. Ocho Ocho Ocho
19. Bolo  40-1
20. Keen Ice 40-1
21. Frammento 
22. Bold Conquest 
23. Metaboss 
24. Firespike
25. Toasting Master

That is the end of the line up!!!

In case your horses is falling behind..

Just in case you didn't know the winner gets this...

Boom!!! Awesome right????

These hats are bazzare!!!

 Wow a flamingo creative

This is good picture right!!!????
I took it!!!!!

 If you are just gonna sit around at your house on saturday go to these websites:

Both of these websites showed some really cute derby ideas!!!!
Even Mrs. Tobe liked them a lot!
Some people just have a race outside if it is nice...

Image result for how to

 have a bunch of people over even if its just you neighbors or neighborhood!

 set up a track on a long field

Find out their Favorite Derby Horse

 Write down that name next to their name 

  Line them up in their horse order according to what number the actual horse is in the race

 Have them race across a long field leaving someone on the end 

Whoever gets there first wins and gets a prize!!!


Howdy folks!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful on this beautiful Wednesday!
Brenna and Matthew's Daily Derby blog post HERE

Tomorrow, students may wear FREE DRESS as long as they bring $1 to donate to the 8th grade fundraiser for their field trip.

It will also be our SMA Chow Wagon.  Students may bring in a beach towel to sit on for enjoying lunch outside!

LEARNING TARGETS: 1) I CAN identify comparisons and contrasts within a passage.  2) I CAN use signal language when writing and discussing comparing and contrasting.
We read a nonfiction passage about Immigration in the 1840s from our Benchmark series and then identified where comparisons and contrasts were made based on the signal language used.

This is one way to identify comparing and contrasting within text, another is to use two texts and compare and contrast the content from there.  We practiced this by reading two different texts- one about frogs at risk of endangerment and characteristics of koalas.  Students were then to compare the articles using an organizer of their choice and write a summary of the two utilizing the diagram.

Students completed an organizer for independent practice
HOMEWORK: read, "The Thirteen Colonies" and complete organizer on back

Students worked on their rough drafts of their memoirs
HOMEWORK: continue drafting work upon memoir.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate knowledge of all concepts of fractions.  2) I CAN identify and classify angles.  3) I CAN use a protractor to measure and draw angles.
We practiced with completing an extended-response question and making sure to acknowledge each part

Upon checking our Simple Solutions due today and completion of our fractions cumulative assessment, we dabbled our toes into our unit on Geometry (Math 2).
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions numbers 42 and 43 are due tomorrow!

Students worked on their Monarch butterfly projects

Students studied notes in preparation for their test tomorrow.  They also compared and contrasted government today versus government during the revolutionary era.
HOMEWORK: test is tomorrow (did you see my websites I linked yesterday and in Reading?!?  See below!)

Students read a story in Family Life about marriage and answered some questions about intercourse.
HOMEWORK: compare and contrast the marriage Elizabeth and Louise versus marriage today.

Mass, CHOW WAGON, and FREE DRESS tomorrow!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Only 3 days until Derby time!

are YOU going tonight?!?  Be there.  Seriously

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello to you on this beautiful Tuesday!  It was resource day for the kiddos, so just a few announcements and reminders for you and the babes on this light-on-the-classwork day...
We will be beginning geometry tomorrow.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions numbers 40 and 41 due tomorrow.  42 and 43 are due by Thursday.

HOMEWORK: work on memoir draft (in writer's notebooks)

HOMEWORK:read page, 242. Complete question #4; On page 245, complete questions 8-14 and 17.  Test Thursday over Lesson 3- guided notes are on Edmodo.

Click HERE for an AWESOME resource for studying about the American Revolution!  And HERE and HERE.  Seriously.  GO. THERE.  Please and thank you :)

Field Trip to Camp Shantituck - May 5th-6th
State Archery Tournament - May 7th
SMA Chow Wagon - April 30th
SMA Field Day - May 20th
SMA Talent Show - May 21st
SMA Awards Day - May 22nd
Last Day of School - May 22nd

Click HERE for Matthew and Brenna's blog post for today
Have a terrific Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Derby is only FOUR days away!!!
We had some paparazzi yesterday... (I wanted to send one pic to my mom of my pants, but then other babes wanted to join in on some pics too, so I obliged and here we are)