Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The halfway point to the week is here!  Phew, it's been kind of a slow one!  I want you all to know how excited I get seeing the students so enthusiastic about their multiplication facts...what a treat!  I'm so happy to see them trying to get them down and challenging others...keep up the hype!

Writing/ Reading:
The students got to get a hand in on grading ORQs today!  We learned how to use a rubric and got to practice scoring some example responses and matching them up to the rubric/ scoring guide.  Once that was complete, we were then separated into partners and got to read over a peer's response.  Each partner got post-its and were encouraged to make positive remarks and give constructive criticism and then had to defend the grade to Mrs. Thomas.  It really was a LOT of fun as the students really had a great time and learned while they were at it!  Continue studying spelling words tonight!

We completed workbook pages from yesterday and then played 'Around the World' to go head-to-head with our peers on our multiplication facts.  Homework tonight is studying the sets: 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, and 11s because there will be a QUIZ over thos facts TOMORROW (Thursday, 1.6.11).

We used laptops to conduct research on our animals and learned about what happens in an ecosystem if one species of animals migrates, overpopulates, or dies.  ANIMAL PROJECTS ARE DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 10TH!!!

Have a HAPPY Wednesday Evening!
Mrs. Thomas

PS, Our WINTER PARTY is THIS FRIDAY (1.7.11) at 1:30!!!  Please bring in your gifts for the 'White Elephant' activity!!
Get it?!?  Watch someone's lips when they say, "Olive Juice"!

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