Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi!  Sorry I am a bit tardy on our post today...had a TON to do after school!  Anyway, school today had us faced with a few obstacles to overcome.  We want to make sure we have a classroom environment that is not only conducive to learning, but a place where we all feel comfortable, respected, and loved.  Therefore, we started a new system in our room called, "Classroom Nation".  5 captains were selected by me and each got to choose 4 other students to sit in their groups with them.  The groups will earn points by transitioning quietly, being on task, having assignments, keeping organized, etc.  They can also earn double points by earning a 'kindness heart' (as mentioned yesterday) because that demonstrates the ultimate acts of sincerity and benevolence to others.  Classroom Nation was established in an effort to raise awareness with all that our actions not only affect ourselves, but they affect others as well.  We all depend on each other.

In reading, we continued working on elements of fiction and differentiating between fantasy and reality.  We also worked on bringing our ORQ for "All the Way to the Duck Pond" to a 4.  Tomorrow is our Spelling Test and the coinciding packet is due.

Math had us again working on 4-digit subtraction with borrowing and regrouping.  We played a game that was SO MUCH FUN!  Each student was given cards with numbers 0-9.  The student cut out all 10 cards and then was put with a partner.  The partners combined all cards and then each drew out 8.  From the 8 cards, each student made a 4 digit number and subtracted the smaller number from the larger number.  The partner with with the smallest difference (subtraction answer) won 5 points.  The first player to 15 points won the game.  We really had an absolute BLAST with this.  I highly recommend playing with your child at really is challenging and fun!  Homework tonight is the Chapter 4 Review.  We will hopefully be taking our test tomorrow or Monday - definitely before Fall Break!

Tomorrow is the 'Real Science' program so if you have no submitted your $1, please send it in by tomorrow. It is so cool!!!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and am really excited about our new desk arrangement and 'Classroom Nation'!  I love each of you for who you are!

Mrs. Thomas

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, Spetember 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daniel!  Thank you so much for bringing yummy cupcakes for us all to enjoy!

We decided today that because we will not be getting our "Together we Can" drafts published in time for submission, we are going to turn our paragraphs into Acrostic Poems.  We will be continuing our making of those tomorrow.

In reading, we got through 3 rotations of our groups which is all of them, but they were very short because of several interruptions.  Groups A, D, and E got to try our new NonFiction PLINKO game!  Groups B and C will tomorrow!  Our focus was differentiating between Fantasy and Reality.  Things like a dog in a story are reality, but a talking dog who drives to work is obviously something that cannot happen so it is fantasy.  We also worked on bringing our ORQs we did last Friday on "All the Way to the Duck Pond" to a FOUR.  We have got to remember to use our "bunny ears" as we pull information and details from the story to support our reasonings.  There is NO homework in Reading EXCEPT to read your usual 15-20 minutes...AND DO NOT FORGET that your Spelling Packet is due Friday, October 1st which is also the date of your Spelling Test. 

We are getting sooooooo much better at subtracting with borrowing and regrouping in MATH!!!  I was soooo proud of us today!  We were even able to determine what "Bobby Sue" and "Billy Bob" did wrong on their math problems.  A good mathematician is able to find mistakes in math and help correct them. :)
No homework in Mrs. Ingold or Mrs. Thomas' math classes.  Mrs. Thomas' class will be completing the Chapter 4 review tomorrow in class and playing a game with numbers.

Science was SO MUCH FUN too!  We got in groups and each group had a specific ecosystem.  All members participated in drawing the ecosystem on large colored butcher paper and several animals that live there.  We then wrote special adaptations that each plant or animal in the ecosystem has that enables it to survive in that environment.  Tomorrow, we will finish our large drawings and then decide how adaptations on a made up animal enable it to survive.

Today, we also began our "Kindness is Rewarding" heart contest.  This will be an ongoing activity where peers can recognize other peers for doing something kind for them.  If someone decides to recognize a neighbor for doing something kind, that neighbor will get a heart hung on our doorframe with their name on it for special recognition.  At the end of every week, Mrs. Thomas will take all of the hearts and draw out one.  The student whose name is drawn gets a prize!  Therefore, it is better to have as many hearts with your name on it as possible because that increases your chances of your name being drawn.  This contest is to encourage us to be kind friends and neighbors as that is a community that we strive to be a part of as it is most likely to thrive because we feel supported, accepted, and loved.

I love each of you for who you are as you are all special to me!  Whooooooo loves you?!?  I DO!  That's who!

Mrs. Thomas

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KID'S DAY! - 9/28/2010

Today was KID'S DAY at GSE!  We had a BLAST writing all of our talents on our shirts!  It was also fun having others write on our shirts about what they believe makes us special and talented. 

We began the day by writing about our talents, how we are special, and how our talent makes us feel about ourselves.  Then, we drew our names on our white shirts and wrote about our talents on the front.  Last, we took a marker around and let our friends write us messages on the backs of our shirts.

In Reading, we are studying Fantasty vs. Reality and continuing our story of Literary Elements (characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution).  Our Spelling Packet is DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 1st and our Spelling TEST is that day too.  All groups finished their Story Wheels today from "The Strongest One".  Tomorrow, we will be continuing our Literature Circles, Word Work, Guided Reading with Mrs. Thomas, and Groups A and D will have Fluency and Games.  Maybe you'll get to try our new Non-Fiction Reading PLINKO game?!? 

In Math, we are continuing to practice 4-digit subtraction with borrowing and regrouping.  We used our base-10 blocks to manipulate numbers and practice with having to borrow from the place-value ahead of the number. cannot subtract $9 if you only have $5, correct?!?  It can definitely be tough sometimes...but don't give up and get frustrated, KEEP TRYING!

We had a GREAT time listening to music and being with our friends during lunch!  After lunch, we got to go to a brief concert in the gym!  A student from SCAPA sang and played Taylor Swift on her guitar!  Then, a Senior from Dunbar did some really awesome magic tricks including making a dollar float!!!

That concluded our day and Mrs. Sharp announced that because it is KID'S DAY, there will be NO HOMEWORK!!!  SO COOL!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's HAPPENING This Week at GSE:

This Week at Garden Springs

Sept. 27—Day 2
1st MAP Testing
Window Continues

2:45-3:30p: 3rd
Grade Lego Club

Performing Arts Club

Sept. 28—Day 3
KY Kids Day- Have your child wear or bring a white t-shirt for KY Kids Day. Parents help line the sidewalk and make the kids feel extra special as they come to school on KY Kids Day.

Sept. 29—Day 4 
 Spirit Day (wear your GSE t-shirt or sweat- shirt) 

7:30-8:00a: K-Kids

2:45-4:00p: Governor’s Cup Academic Team Practice

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Principal’s Newsletter Distribution

Sept. 30—Day 5
2:45-3:45p: Ecology Club

2:35-3:45p: 2nd & 3rd Grade Spanish Club

2:45-4:00p: Girls on the Run

Bulldog Chow Night at Chick-Fil-A 

Oct. 1—Day 6

Innisbrook Fundraiser Deadline to turn in orders and picture money. 

Final week for Innisbrook. Completed envelope with voucher and payment due October 1

How are YOU spending your Fall Break?!?

Post a comment and share with us about how you plan on spending your fall break!

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