Thursday, June 2, 2011

6.2.11 - Summer Break Eve!!!

Happy Summer-Break Eve, everyone!  I cannot believe we're seems as if this year has absolutely FLOWN by!  I certainly do not want to see you students leave, you have been so very, very amazing and I love you so much!

Today, we had our Living Arts & Science Center presentation and it was so great!  We had so much fun and our presenter was filled with compliments for our behavior which made me so proud (I've been tearing up all day!).  We learned how energy is produced and how it is measured...see pictures below!

We finished up on some projects today as well...
We got our class yearbook complete, copied, and passed out to everyone!

Also, each student planted "Forget-Me-Nots" which are flowers that symbolize true, unforgettable love and fond memories, as well as faith, hope, and luck.  It would be an honor if all my fabulous students from this year would please accept the "Forget-Me-Not" seeds in upholding this cherished tradition.  We each have 2 sets of instructions for planting and growing these flowers.  I hope when they grow in your yard, you see them and remember your dear old 3rd grade teacher! 

Summer folders were sent home today as well.  These contain numerous activities to work on over the course of the extended break and even include an addressed and stamped envelope to me so you have no excuse not to send me a letter! 

Please do not forget that 3rd grade awards are tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. in the gym.  I look forward to seeing all parents there!
Mrs. Thomas

coal fingers!

safety gloves for electric workers

clearly, I am an angel...
bahahaha!  they're hawk wings :)

she's a sillllllly gal!

Abby's going to fly away!

my my, what big hands you have!
Madison brought me watermelon today, and it was SUPER yummy!  What a GREAT "summer" treat!

Helllllllooooo there, Miss Lady!

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