Thursday, April 12, 2012



The weather is deceiving we found at recess today! I thought it would be warmer outside. Our Living Wax Museum at school was this afternoon - the students really enjoyed getting into "character" for their famous Kentuckians! Thank you for being supportive of this fun project. It has come a long way and we're delighted with the results!

In reading we are using graphics to help understand the text further. Students found different graphics today and explained how that graphic helped to further their understanding of the text.

In math today we began working on vertical and horizontal lines. We learned that horizontal lines are formed on the horizon and can be found everywhere! We found vertical lines are perpendicular to the ground and can be found many places too in our classrooms and outside the school. Students identified these lines during class.

We do not have homework today as the Living Wax museum is this evening (it is OPTIONAL). There are several students from our class participating from 5:30-6:30 in the library.

Thank you all, have a great Thursday!

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