Thursday, January 10, 2013


it has been a craaaaaazy week, folks!  So I am so sorry (yet again) to be tardy for the blogging party!  Booooo on me!  It's seriously been a mess of work to get done around here and somedays, I feel I am lucky to be able leave the building!  I know you can all relate in your jobs too, I'm sure!

Anyway, we have been up to some fun stuff here this week...

We have been learning about SHAPES well...GEOMETRY to be exact!  We have learned that characteristics of shapes are called attributes and we learned how to differentiate between important attributes (such as number of sides, vertices, and angles; or if it's a polygon or quadrilateral or both) and unimportant attributes such as size, color, direction, etc.  It was important to start with learning how to describe shapes so then we can classify them into groups.  Each day, we've learned about a new shape. 

First, we learned about polygons and learned that they are closed figures made up of straight line segments (so they cannot have curves, or be open). 
THEN, we learned about quadrilaterals which literally means a 4 sided polygon (quad means four and lateral means side...get it?!? We got a kick out of it!).  Shapes that are quadrilaterals are trapezoids, parallelograms, squares, rhombuses, and rectangles.
THEN, each day we focused on a specific shape.  We have learned much specifics about rectangles, squares, and rhombuses.

Confused yet?  Good, because we are about to BLOW. YOUR. MIND. with our knowledge that I'm about to drop on you (you should've seen these exit slips coming home throughout the week):

*All rectangles are quadrilaterals, but not all quadrilaterals are rectangles. Why?  Well, all rectangles have 4 sides, but rectangles have 4 right angles and while all quads have 4 sides, not all have those 4 right angles!
*All rhombuses are quadrilaterals, but not all quadrilaterals are rhombuses.  Why?  Rhombuses have 4 equal sides.  Not all quads have 4 equal sides!
*All squares are quads, but not all quads are squares.  Why?  Squares MUST have 4 equal sides AND 4 right angles.  Not all quads have 4 equal sides, nor do all quads have 4 right angles.
*All squares are rhombuses, but not all rhombuses are squares.  Why?  Like a rhombus, all squares MUST have 4 equal sides, but not all rhombuses have 4 right angles like all squares must have
*A rectangle can be a square, but a square can NEVER be a rectangle. 

Did we blow your mind with all the knowledge we've been working on this week with the attributes of shapes polygons/ quads?!?  I'm so proud of all the work these babes have been doing!  YAY!
HOMEWORK: Rewrite all missed facts from timed test (THIS INCLUDES BLANKS) 5 times each.  Then, take another practice timed test (3 min.) and have an adult sign off. 

Here are two cuties who have aced their multiplication or division timed tests!  Emma R. (from Mr. Featherston's class) has mastered her multiplication facts through her 12s so she earned her ice cream sundae today!!!!  And guess what?  She dove face first into it...ha!  Way to go, Emma!  We are so very proud of you!

(my computer is having trouble uploading the pics, so I'll try again tomorrow...boooooo...they are super funny!)

Second, Miss Becca R. (also from Mr. Featherston's class) has not only mastered her multiplication facts through 12, she has mastered her DIVISION facts through 12!  She is a timed test terrifico!!!!!  She even complete 100 PROBLEMS today in the time it took most student to do 50!  WOWZA, "Becca Sue", we are SO PROUD OF YOU!  For the division reward, student earn a cookie of which they get to decorate in any way they see fit (icing, sprinkles, shimmer sugar, candy, non-pareils, chocolate syrup, whip cream, etc.) and well, she went all out.  Like Emma, she too dove FACE first into her pile of deliciousness!

Students have been reading, "The Gardener" with Mr. Featherston and have studied the skills of summarizing and identifying Cause & Effect. 

Report Cards were sent home yesterday and are due back (SIGNED) by Mon. Jan. 14th!
NO SCHOOL Monday Jan. 21st in observance of MLK Jr. Day.

Have a thrilling Thursday!
Mrs. Thomas

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