Thursday, June 11, 2015

Helllllllooooo babies!

Hiiiiii my summer babes!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful!  Me?  Well, I'm rested, sunburned, and missing you! (Like crazy) Real talk.  I have heard from several of you about your summers so far, but I need to hear from soooo many more.  Thus, if this is you and you haven't reached out to me, could you do me a solid and send your dear old teach a friendly greeting of the email variety?!?  I'd be so very much obliged if you'd indulge me in a little chit-chat.  Oh how I miss you so!  Also, I'm in need of a few guest bloggers for some summer updates.  Is this you...would YOU like to be featured up on our blog?!?  Email me for further details...

You may be wondering what have I been up to?!?  Well, ya know...the ushe...

First...the ZOO.  Duh.  I mean, are you seriously surprised by this statement?!?
Here we are with Jack's "ride or die" Holden

Then, we determined that Sir H-ee most definitely looks more like his mommy than his daddy!  Yes friends, chalk this up to a WIN for Mrs. Thomas...I actually have an offspring that is of likeness to me :)  This is HUGE news seeing as how Jack looks absolutely NOTHING like me.  I am ELATED to say the least 
Mrs. T on the left...Harry on the right.  I am so proud :)

Jack got to meet his hero: the one, the only, the often imitated but never duplicated Thomas the Train!  He was OVER THE MOON, hasn't taken off his t-shirt he got there since we left excited,  Yes, it's precious :)

We went to Nanny and Poppy's house to hang out and pool it up :)  The bubbies LOVE seeing their Nanny and Poppy (my parents)

"Jack" and the Neverland Pirates came to visit

...because, how else would you watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates?!?

Harry has been a smiley little dude (per usual)!

...and turned 5 months old June 5th!  Can you believe it has been 5 months since he entered the world?!?

Jack did this ALL on his own without prompting from Mommy :)

and we've gone to the pool of course.  A BUNCH, actually :)

I hope your summer is going swimmingly too (see what I did there?!?),  I miss you SO much!

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