Thursday, July 9, 2015

What's up, my baaaabies?!?

It's been a month since I've written you and oh how I've thought of you often and missed you much! What have you been up to?!?  Obviously not in the sun much because apparently we have done something to upset her and she has gone M.I.A. for the summer.  We should send out a search party if she doesn't come back out for a lengthy stay soon because well, momma Mrs. Thomas is L-O-S-I-N-G her T-A-N.  BOOOOOOO on that.  I need some F-U-N in the S-U-N at the P-O-O-L!!!!  You feel me?!?  What have I been up to you may ask?  Well, here you will find out as noted through the pics below.  I have had a few people ask about being a guest blogger, but no one has written me any posts.  PEOPLE, I NEED GUEST BLOGGER POSTS, PLEASE!  And, I know it is not because you are busy as the pool!  All it has done has rain or be cloudy so another excuse may or may not do :)

Harrison has been seriously fancying dips in Jack's mini pool and the big pool at his NanNan and Poppy's house!  He LOVES it!  He gets his little legs a kicking and splashing and just giggles and laughs.  It's so precious!

 He's also been busy being EXCEPTIONALLY cute.  I mean, just LOOK at this ball of preciousness!

we decided to handle a little constipation the all natural way...prunes :)

We went to the wedding of one of Mr. Thomas's dearest friends in Nashville

This is my friend KC.  She was my suitemate in college :)

We attended Saint Mary's Summer Picnic.  I worked the jar booth on Saturday night and got to see several of my favorite people in the entire world.  Spoiler alert: you guys!

We celebrated the 4th with our friends at a cookout and fireworks celebration at their house

Harrison turned 6 WHOLE MONTHS OLD on the 5th.  Can you believe he is already 1/2 a year old?!?  WOWZA.  1/2 year since he was born and 1/2 until he turns one!  He is working SO, SOOOOO hard on sitting up on his own and pushes up realllllly well on his belly.  I know it won't be long before he's up on all fours and then will be working so hard on crawling.  He and Jack have been having to attend cheerleading practice with me since Mr. Thomas has a new job that requires him to travel all around the country and out of town each week, every week (that's a whole new story for a different day) and so H has been a bit difficult to please because he wants to be out doing things, but he's limited to what he can do since he doesn't really want to lie down, but he can't really sit up just yet.  Anyway, here are his monthly themed pics.  I made him Uncle Sam since he turned 6 months the day after the 4th.  He was none too pleased and some are hilarious.  His pain is your gain.  Enjoy.

And finally, my Big Bub that you all Skyped with a few times during the year (remember him...the one that lives in China?!?) is in for the month from China and we picked him from the airport on Tuesday (July 7th)!!!!  We are SOOOOOO pumped to have him home for the month!!!!!!!  YAAAAAAY!!!!

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