Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Happy TUESDAY Friends!!!  I hope your week has started out tremendously!  We've been working super hard in room 105!

We continued our study of NOUNS.  We rewatched the "SchoolHouse Rock" video about nouns and then highlighted the actualy lyrics of the song that were nouns too.  Watch it at home here. (<--click there!).

We continued our learning of literary elements (elements of fiction) AND working on expectations for reading groups and rotations.  We watched a video from Good Morning America about the Iditarod (click on Iditarod to watch it again!), and TWO videos from http://www.brainpopjr.com/ about setting and plot.  Next, we completed our graphic organizers that we began yesterday.

Students got to go on a scavenger hunt outside with Ms. Frederick to look for examples of living, non-living, and once-living objects/ organisms.  They had a GREAT time and Tori found the most...22!!
HOMEWORK: complete classification packet sent home in 'Take-Home' folders.

We watched a place value video to preview a project we'll be working on tomorrow AND to get a cool and fun song in our minds to help us with place value!  Next, we discussed the revelance of place-value and how meaningful numbers truly are!  Then, we figured out that there are 12 zeros in ONE TRILLION!  Ahhh!!!  That's A LOT of cheeeeeese! Lastly, we worked on page 4 of our textbook to reinforce the skills of focus.
HOMEWORK: none - textbook pages are ALWAYS done in class unless otherwise noted.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!  See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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