Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Happy Terrific Tuesday all!  I hope this day finds you well and wonderful! Today, we've REEEAAAALLLLY had to work on our talking...it's been BEYOND excessive and WILL NOT be tolerated.  It seems as soon as a teacher closes her mouth, we think we should open ours and it's gotten us into many reteaches and redirections. 

We continued working on verbs which are action words.  To begin, we watched the "SchoolHouse Rock" video from yesterday.  Next, we highlighted the words of the song that were verbs.
HOMEWORK: "Action Verbs" worksheet

As I mentioned yesterday, we are studying the concept of 'Theme' (the overall concept or topic the story is about).  Our story we have been reading this week is entitled, Maria Isabel and we have discovered that the theme is acceptance and friendship.
HOMEWORK: none - BUT...continue to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY those VOCABULARY words AND their definitions!!!

Students got to observe and discuss edible plants with Ms. Frederick...so cool!

We began working on comparing and ordering numbers.  I then paper clipped one single digit number to each student and then called up 4 - 8 at a time to create a long number out of themselves according to a rule I gave them (the highest ODD number, the smallest EVEN number, etc.), and then students in the audience had to say the number created and justify if the number followed the rules or not.  I then allowed some groups to create their own number rules and students had to guess the rule.
HOMEWORK: complete WORKBOOK pages 5, 6, 7, and 8.  **Some students may have finished some or most of this in class, but please check over work at home as well to ensure completion and accuracy!

Have a wonderful night and dream dreams of non-talkative school days!  :)
I love you greatly!
Mrs. Thomas

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