Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Monday, All!  I hope your weekend was a relaxing and enjoyable time with all of your loved ones!

Since we only have 3 days of school this week, we will be working on reviewing content.

Today we reviewed correct usage of pronouns.  We know that pronouns are words that can take the place of a noun like I, me, they, her, she, his, he, their, our, your, us, we, you, him, etc.

ALL students should be finished with the reading of their group's chapter book.  They have had these books for well over 6 weeks now and have no excuse to not have them completely read...especially since I have been reminding them for TWO WEEKS now that ALL of the book MUST be read by TODAY!  The reason for this is not only that it's the end of this 9 weeks grading period, but it's time to complete a book report and project on the books.  We began the first phase of these projects today in class so students who were not finished with their reading, had to take valuable work time to read, instead of working on the summary.
HOMEWORK: FINISH reading AND complete "Book Report" Summary page.

Students are working on studying different environments, habitats, and ecosystems with Ms. Frederick.

We are reviewing factors before we move onto multiples and students had some work to do in their workbooks.
HOMEWORK: complete WORKBOOK pages 24-26

Have an excellent evening!  See you bright and early tomorrow morning!
Mrs. Thomas

DON'T FORGET: We DO NOT have school Thursday (Oct.13th) or Friday (Oct. 14th) due to FALL BREAK!

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