Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey class  this is corie I want to tell you that we rock! When we are good we can do fun things. So lets show all the fourth grade teachers that we can be so we have to be good all the time. Well now lets talk about HALLOWEEN!!! So we all now that hallween is in six days and I bet you are all happy I know I am well I hope you all have fun trick or treating for candy and I want to see all you guys fiction storys comstumes at the fall party!!! Oh yeah I want to tell you that we are all stars at are erqs but we all need to get proficient or distinguished so the whole class can go to the stomp bash because I know all of you really want to go to the stomp bash so do good on your erqs!!!1 So I will talk to you later you guys bye... 

p.s.We all can fly in the air in are dreams, And we are all stars!!!!!

your buddy corie wilkerson
         and happy


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