Thursday, October 27, 2011


Happy Last Friday of October, everyone!  Can you believe we are less than one-month away from Thanksgiving?!?  yeee-haw!

We took a quiz over suffixes which has been our concept of focus in writing for this week.
HOMEWORK: I forgot to pass it, none for WRITING!

We actually got to get in our reading groups today and see how those would work for the rest of the year during reading class.  I believe the students are going to have a fantastic time and will show me what tremendous reading stars they are!
HOMEWORK: EVERY SINGLE student got his/his Literature Circle Role assignment.  All groups have different pages of their chapter books that they need to read by Monday and a coinciding role sheet to complete. 
They ALSO need to study their vocab words for their assessment tomorrow AND complete an "In Context" vocabulary sheet (fill in vocab words in paragraphs, that match the context in which the words are used). 
Do NOT forget that the "Halloween" Scholastic assignment is due by tomorrow as well!

Mrs. Butler came in with Ms. Frederick to teach a lesson about shadows that was super neat and way fun and everyone had a GREAT time!

We took our end of the unit (summative) assessment over Factors and Multiples.  Many did not finish so we will be completing them tomorrow and learning how to score an ORQ.

PLEASE, Bring in your permission forms and money for the 4H Camp Field Trip! We need all of your paperword ASAP!
Monday is our FALL PARTY at 1:05PM!  We are still missing several items to complete our fun activities!
Art-to-Remember was due YESTERDAY.
Picture Orders are due NO LATER than Monday!

Have a Thrilling Thursday!
Mrs. Thomas
4 days until trick-or-treating!

Thanksgiving is ONLY 4 weeks from TODAY...YAAAAY!!! (Mrs. Thomas's favorite holiday!)

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