Monday, October 3, 2011


Happy first Monday of October, everyone!  What an absolutely AMAZING fall day we had amongst us!  We had a GREAT day of learning and have really been working hard!

We are studying the concept of "prepositions" which are words that describe where something is or is taking place (kind of like the setting of a sentence).  For example, these can be: above, on top, beyond, behind, in front, etc.  Students got to watch an extra special video to introduce this HERE to see it...and promise NOT to laugh!
HOMEWORK: complete "Prepositions" practice sheet.

We are now beginning a unit on MYSTERIES and what makes up a story that is a mystery.  We read a story entitled, "The Closet Creature" and talked about any predictions we could make while reading the story about whom the creature in the closet might be.  Next, we added the elements of a mystery to our witch's brew.  Finally, our story is Detective LaRue and we had to use our predictions and thought processes to figure out LaRue's mystery.
HOMEWORK: complete comprehension practice for "The Closet Creature".

Students are working on describing the characteristics of different environments. 

We are REALLY stepping up our game with FACTORS!  The students have really been working on some higher level thinking skills and are breaking down numbers into factor trees and factor rainbows.
HOMEWORK: 1) a 90-second timed multiplication quiz (MUST BE SIGNED BY AN ADULT)
2) complete PRIME FACTORIZATION sheet #s 5-12.

I hope you have a MARVELOUS Monday evening! See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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