Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Good Tuesday afternoon, Gents and Judies!  We have had a bright and sunshiny day here in the DSE!

This morning, the students had orchestra and then we switched classes for Writing and Reading.
We are studying "suffixes" this week in Writing.  Suffixes are groups of letters added to the END of a word, to change the meaning of the root word.  For example, joyFUL means full of joy, or adding the suffix, "-est" means making something the most...like oldEST, or youngEST, or funniEST.
HOMEWORK: complete suffix sheet.

We are continuing our study of making inferences, but this week, we are making "reader guesses" with nonfiction texts, instead of fictional texts.  To illustrate getting all the facts before we jump to conclusions or make an inference, we watched the video clip seen HERE
HOMEWORK (SEVERAL things): Read chapters 1&2 of group's chapter book (Group A = The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Group B = Tuck Everlasting; Group C = Holes; and Group D = Maniac Magee).
***Choose ONE activity from the "Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe" menu to complete with vocabulary words on sheet.
***Complete Exercise One sheet (Words and Their Meanings) for vocabulary words. 
***Study vocab words for assessment on Friday.  *Assessment WILL BE over spelling AND definitions.

Our WOW! Words this week are:

Ms. Frederick worked with us on parts of an ecosystem and how energy is tranferred.  She also talked about producers and consumers.

We have our summative assessment over Factors and Multiples on FRIDAY, so the students are reviewing these skills in order to adequately prepare. 
We are also playing all of our games we learned in this unit to help us review too.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send in your conference forms so we can get one scheduled!
  • Don't forget to continue sending in cans for our "Kids helping Kids" food drive!  We are currently in 2nd place and I. WANT. TO. WIN.!  What an awesome opportunity to help those in need around the holidays!
  • Picture order forms are due!
  • 4H informational night is THIS WEDNESDAY at 6PM!

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