Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Happy Wednesday, Gents and Judies!

Today, we were much better with our respectuful behavior which was a much sweeter sound in our classroom!  We are working on staying in our seats and on task and not jumping up and coming to my desk whenever any thought pops in our minds.  I appreciate the students' enthusiasm, but it is difficult getting anything done with the constant interruptions and distractions.

We continued working on rounding numbers and identifying skills in helping us do so. 

Students are reading, "Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday" with Mr. Featherston and are identifying the elements of fiction within the story.
HOMEWORK: none - except, reading logs!

Today, students FINALLY got to go to their reading groups and well, it was awesome!!!  I had a blast with mine and cannot wait to get things going with chapter books and book clubs!
HOMEWORK: READING MINUTES (record on reading log)

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!
I love my sweet babies!
Mrs. Thomas

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