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Hello all and WELCOME to your daily source of news and happenings within our classroom!  I hope you make it a part of your routine to check in here each night after school because this is how I communicate with YOU about OUR day so you can feel as if you are a part of it too (or students, to refresh your memory or explain those things you just can't seem to verbalize!).  Each day, I explain what we did in each subject and then note our homework assignments and any other announcements or information in which you need to be aware.  If something is homework, I will highlight it in yellow.  I look forward to getting to know each of you!

this is ME in 3rd grade!  That's my friend, Cole, with me.  We are still friends TODAY! (he was even in my wedding!)
In the meantime, here is a little bit about me... a person:
I grew up in Winchester (Clark County - where Ale-8 is made) and attended George Rogers Clark High School (GRC); the same high school my mother, my 3 aunts, my grandfather, my brother, and sister attended, as well as where my father taught!  I then attended Western Kentucky University with a major in pre-medicine, but graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education.  Upon graduating, I moved to Louisville and got a job teaching 4th grade in Shelby County.  My husband, Brad, and I got married the summer after my first year of teaching after many, many years together (we were college sweethearts!).  After marrying, I continued to teach in Shelby County before moving back to Lexington and teaching in Fayette County's public schools for 3 years.  In April 2012, we were blessed with the birth of our precious baby boy, Jack Robert (whom is lovingly referred to as "Jackrabbit" or "Baby Jack") and to say he is AMAZING is a significant understatement!  Much to Mr. Andes' dismay, we are DIE-HARD UK fans (Jack was born within 12 hours of us winning the 8th National Title!!!!) and enjoy tailgating or going to football and basketball games as. much. as. possible.  Some interests of mine (besides having the BEST job in the world) include spending time with my adorable Jackbaby, family, and friends; photography; cooking; spending time in the sunshine; swimming; shopping; painting; creating; vintage; and OWLS (as you may have noticed!).

Mr. Thomas and me at the beach last summer

here's our Jackrabbit!  (I call him "Toots" mostly...tee-hee!)

this is JUST for Mr. Andes :)

happiest. baby. alive.  Seriously.

Mr. Thomas and me on vacation
just something I painted for my students last year.  I LOVE to paint!
I already just absolutely adore it and am so, so, soooooooooo excited to be at Garth!!! a teacher:
For the past 5 years, I have been teaching 3rd and 4th grades in Shelby and Fayette County's districts. Teaching is my passion. It is my heart. It is my soul and it is something that has been ingrained within me since adolescence. Both my parents and both of my maternal grandparents were educators, so one could probably say it's programmed into my DNA; it's in my blood and it runs deep, very deep. To me, they are my heroes, education superstars who always taught me the values of education. Because of them, I had a love of reading and writing from an early age and developed an unquenchable desire for learning, as well as a great interest in "thinking outside of the box" where I can fully express my creative personality. I have always known that I want to work with children in some capacity, but never anticipated how rewarding and completely fulfilling it could actually be. I love helping each student develop a firm foundation of knowledge and the same love of learning that I've always held near in order to capitalize on his/her individual strengths and learning styles. I have high expectations for all students and feel that I provide the support necessary for them to achieve within a nurturing environment that promotes respect, responsibility, and a positive attitude. I've even made it my own personal education philosophy to continue to think and rethink, enabling myself to constantly create new visions that will hopefully stimulate students' imaginations, create a community of learners, celebrate teaching that ensures transgressions, and enhances the optimization of the growing mind. After these past several years as an educator, one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered within the classroom is simply seeing students' eyes light up. To see my students of all abilities grasp the concepts we are working on, encourages me to continue to challenge them above and beyond with the content at hand. Solidifying a community of learners that creates new visions and stimulates imaginations to maximize upon greatest potentials is my idea of success!  I can't wait to experience success with your student!

Together, we can make learning so, so FUN!

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  1. Love this blog! Maybe I will keep mine up this year too! Welcome to Garth!!