Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest Blogger: Bob - Home with Chloe

I had a great time with Chloe!  We had a yummy supper. Me and Chloe went to her gymnastics class.  Chloe's mom is nice, but her brother is crazy!  Me and Chloe got to go to Abigail's house! We also got to listen to music. Chloe is going next week to try out to do a character named Candie!  Me and Chloe jumped on Chloe's best friend's trampoline!  Chloe's dad was playing with me and Chloe.  We went to bed in Chloe's cozy bed!  Today, me and Chloe woke up, brushed our teeth, and went to school!

Hootie Hoooooo!

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