Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Happy Wednesday, all!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful!  WOWZA, what a BEAUTIFUL day!  Can you believe it will be this nice today and so cold and gusty this weekend?!?  What a difference a few days will make for us!  On that note, will you be here this weekend for the GARTH HAUNTED HOUSE?!?  Beware...come if you DARE! 

We have began our unit upon multiplication.  I am pleased that many of the students already have some background knowledge and are able to apply these skills.  We will be working on multiplication for an extended length of time, but it is imperative that these facts are mastered NOW.  Students MUST have them down prior to entering 4th grade.  Please work on them as much as possible; repetition promotes fluency.  Beginning next week, we will be beginning a project where students will be creating flashcards in differing shapes on their facts at home.  Be looking for this information on Monday, October 29th in your student's planner.  I have encouraged the students to go through sets at home as much as possible and in any free time (2s, 3s, 4s...up to 10s).  They may be really shaky and unsure on these facts now, but I assure you, by Christmas, you will see a significance difference if you are practicing daily!

Currently in math, we have learned several different skills for how to multiply such as using arrays, grouping, and repetitive addition. 

Students are working on the skill of identifying traits that describe a character.  They are looking for adjectives to describe a character based on his/ her actions and defend their choices using found details in the text. 

Literary Pumpkin Projects are due by Monday, October 29th.
Garth's HAUNTED HOUSE is THIS Saturday, October 27th.
Please continue turning in Box Tops!
NO SCHOOL Tuesday, November 6th - ELECTION DAY - Are YOU planning to VOTE?!?  Let your voice be heard!

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