Friday, October 5, 2012


It's's arrived...FALL BREAK!!!  Wahoooooo!!!  Good news?!?  Rest, relaxation, NO work to be done.  Bad news?!?  TEN days until I get to see you again :(((((  Wahhhhhh =....(

We had a mainly review day and some FUN too :)

We took a math test to review all the concepts we've focused upon thus far this school year.  I'm anxious to grade them to see how we did!

HOMEWORK: none, but PLEASE READ, READ, READ!  Keep those brains fresh for our return!

**There is NO homework packet this week (because of Fall Break)
**There is also NO spelling words (you'll receive them upon the return from break)
**Please sign up to volunteer for Garth's Haunted House!
**Literary Pumpkins are due by Monday, October 29th.  Please make sure your pumpkin is over a CHAPTER BOOK character.

Have a fantastic FALL BREAK!  I'll miss you so, so, soooooo much and can't wait to see you when you get back!
I love you!
Mrs. Thomas

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