Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9.2.15 - Day TWELVE

Hello and Happy Wednesday, all!

Students went over their LOSER questions due today with a partner and then created questions over the next 50 pages (101-150) for the opposite class.  This is all a part of our first 30 days of Routines and Rituals within our Reader's Workshop as we learning appropriate questioning strategies and appropriate responses to these questions (elaborating instead of just yes, no, or "I guess", etc.).
Students then had silent reading time while we began our Benchmark Literacy reading levels assessments.  These should be completed and communicated to you within the next few weeks (it will take me some time to administer and score 60 of these) :)
HOMEWORK: complete 3 VOCAB sheets uploaded to Edmodo

Mrs. Burke was in to work with Math #1 on place-value of decimals and rounding including decimals.  We ran out of time to administer independent practice before lunch.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions pages 12 and 13 due Friday
Math #2 had a pop quiz over decimal place-value and rounding of decimals and I'm happy to report that so far, the score are looking mighty niiice, so YAY!
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions pages 12 and 13 due Friday 

Students worked on and went through the Scientific Method and then Mrs. Schleg checked it for a grade.

Students went over what kind of questions will be on their test tomorrow.
HOMEWORK: test tomorrow --> STUDY!

Students finished Maps from the New Testament in their notebooks.


Do NOT forget that NEXT Thursday, Sept. 10th is Grandparents' Day!  Grandparents are welcome to attend Mass with their grandchildren and then come back to our school for a visit.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
-Mrs. Thomas

Thursday, Sept. 10th, 2015 at SMA is our celebration!

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