Thursday, September 3, 2015

9.3.15 - Day THIRTEEN

Day lucky number 13, folks!
We attended MASS this morning and then began our day with our usual Thursday adjusted schedule where we have BOTH Math classes in the morning prior to lunch.

MATH #1- LEARNING TARGET: I CAN compare, order, and round decimals.  Prior to Mrs. Burke coming in, I had the students do a little human math where I lined them up with numbers I had written on paper and we started all the way over in the thousandths place and began rounding.  We first rounded the hundredths place  and moved all the way up to the hundred millions place using our rules we've learned and practiced with in class, subbing in zeroes or a place-value digit up as we determined the rounding value as we went along.  The students were hilarious when they had to sit down and be subbed in for a zero as this illustrated to them that after you round a number, everything after it drops to a zero.  It was FUN!
HOMEWORK: complete Common Core worksheet (front and back); Simple Solutions #s 12 &13 due tomorrow

Math #2- LEARNING TARGET: I CAN add and subtract decimals up to thousandths.  We worked on adding and subtracting decimals and lining them up in order to do so.  When lining them up, we noticed that the bottom number often had more digits than the top, so we had to add magic zeroes to the top top in order to began subtracting or adding.  The students caught on EXTREMELY quickly and began their homework in class.  Many finished it altogether.  They will be having their summative assessment over decimals next Thursday or Friday.
HOMEWORK: complete Common Core worksheet; Simple Solutions #s 12 & 13 due tomorrow

Students took their Social Studies test

Students took their tests!

I am working on assessing the independent reading levels of your students so in order to do so, many students were independently working and writing summaries on those, while other were finished or waiting to be assessed by/ read with me so were working on another reading passage assignment I had given to them, free-writing in their Writer's Notebooks, or writing a reading response in their reading response journals.
HOMEWORK: vocabulary assignments (3 pages uploaded to Edmodo) due tomorrow; new set of LOSER questions made up by opposite class over pages 101-150 due by NEXT WEDNESDAY (Sept. 9th)

Students worked with partners over maps of places in New Testament


Don't Forget!  Grandparents' Day is NEXT THURSDAY! (Sept. 10th!)

Have a thrilling Thursday evening!
-Mrs. Thomas

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