Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We had a super special visitor today...T.G. Shuck from Channel 27 Newsfirst (WKYT) was here to talk to us about weather!  He is so wonderful and we learned so much about all the elements of weather and how storms form.  It was really cool to hear about all the components of his job and exactly how he does what we does.  Be sure and watch WKYT TONIGHT at 5PM to see a video of US (the 3rd grade) that TG took and will put on the news.  He said it should be after the extended weather forecast so don't miss it!
HE took OUR picture!

taking our video :)

talking about weather!

what a special visitor!
...AND, today is our "Peanut's" (Zach's) birthday!!!  Happy 10th birthday, Peanut!  We love you!  And thank you so much for the awesome cupcakes!  They were so good...we've never seen so much icing in our lives!  Yummmm-oooo!!!!

Peanut and his army cake

troops on the battle front :)

Happy Birthday to youuuuuu

look at alllllllll that goodness :)

PM activities:
We got to watch Garden Springs PAC's production of Pinocchio, starring Jemima Gervis (Tabitha's sister) and many other awesome GSE students that we know and love!  GREAT JOB guys...you were wonderful and we are so proud!

Hannah from my homeroom last year!

Jared...a 5th grader from my homeroom last year!

Andrew from my homeroom last year too..Aiden's big brother!!!

a proud sister...
Caroline and Savannah
view from the audience
performing on stage

another very proud sister...
Tabi with her sister Jemima, the star of the show!!

Have a terrific Tuesday night and DO NOT FORGET that tomorrow is BUSINESS NIGHT from 6-7PM in the cafeteria!  We need as many students here as possible to run their product stations!  All proceeds will benefit Jarrett's Joy Cart (visit: http://www.thejoycart.com/ for more information). 
Mrs. Thomas

Other reminders:
**we DO have school on Friday (weather make-up day)
**NO school on Monday 30th...HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!
**our Field Trip to Gatti-Town is Tuesday, May 31st.
**Your $2 for our in-school Living Arts and Science Center field trip is due ASAP
**3rd grade AWARDS assembly is NEXT Friday, June 3rd at 10a.m. (**if you wish to spend the rest of the day with your student after the awards, you certainly may!)
**our LAST DAY of school is Friday, June 3rd!  (I'll be sending home a summer activity folder for each student for those rainy days or days in which you may be feeling a little "bored".  There are waaaaay cool Science experiments like making "goo" or a cloud!  Also, there are several reading lists and activities, math practice for 4th grade and other activities to try!  I will put a stamped envelope already addressed to me in the folders as well so you have NO excuse to not write me a letter!  Plus, if you write me one, I'll write you one back...how fun, huh?!?)

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