Monday, May 9, 2011


I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Derby and Mother's Day weekend!  Was Sunday beautiful or what?!?  What a GREAT day for mothers everywhere! 
I also hope everyone got to watch the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby!  Boy, it sure didn't go as I expected...I found myself rooting for almost every horse BUT the winning horse!  How about you??

isn't the Quilt of Roses for the winner BEAUTIFUL?!?

The winning trainer in the Winner's Circle!

MY Momma and me on Mother's Day.  She is such an incredible woman who has shown me how to exist with poise, grace, dignity, and strength. 

Mr. Thomas and me out to lunch with my mother (his "mother-in-law") and my wonderful family
Today, we had to take our ITBS tests which will continue into tomorrow.  These are the "Iowa Based Testing System" where we compare our results with students across the nation.  Students took the vocabulary and Reading Comprehension portions today...thankfully, there were NO ORQs which made the kids VERY happy and relieved some of the worries and stress. :)

After testing, I introduced our new Science focus which is Force and Motion.  This is centered around physical science where we study the energy and potential energy in objects.  So far, we have learned that everything is anchored to the earth by gravity and the more weight something has, the more force it has pulling it towards the earth.  We also learned that in order for something to move, force must be applied.  We will be doing several experiments and activities with this concept of focus so stay tuned!

View this website and these powerpoints we use in class to stay in tune to our information and what the students are learning (there's games too!).

PM activities:
We worked on economics as our Business night showing off this concept and the skills of focus is coming up on May 25th!  Students are learning about economics concepts and the fundamentals of maintaining a successful business and are excited to show off the products they've created themselves that will be for sale on this wonderful evening!

PLEASE turn in your group's chapter book from before testing!  Also, we are in need of money to help fund our business night and the supplies pertaining to the creation of our products.  We appreciate any and everything you do!

Here are some pics from this BEAUTIFUL spring day!

they're supposed to be "dunking" on me :)


itsy bitsies :)

"dunking" over my head

our bitty :)

Mrs. Thomas

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