Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Happy last day of May, everyone!!!  Is it a GORGEOUS day or what?!?  I am sorry about not posting on Thursday or Friday of last week..."Blogger" has been a bit spastic lately and I could not get it to work!  I feel so disconnected when I don't get to post!

Today was our field trip to Gatti-Town.  I have to admit, I believe we were the BEST behaved class there!  Everywhere we go, I get more and more proud of our babies...they're so tremendous!!!  We had such a GREAT time and everyone won some really cool prizes, indulged in delicious pizza, and enjoyed quality time with friends. 

Upon our return, we worked on our "country" projects where students are researching a country in which they'd like to vacation and are creating a poster about it containing TONS of information and compiling facts into a poster with the following tasks...
capital city
size/ area (square mileage)
dominant languages spoken
a drawing of the flag
traditional cuisine
10 adjectives to describe the place
popular attractions, culture, and tradition
3 reasons you would want to go there
a persuasive paragraph to parents or guardians, convincing them to take you there
pictures to represent popular things associated with place.

I did this with my 4th graders last year, and these 3rd graders are blowing their projects completely out of the water!  They're really doing a super magnificent job!

Here are some pictures from our day today!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S. Remember, your $2.50 for the Living Arts and Science presentation on Thursday is due ASAP!!!!  Also, do not forget that our 3rd grade awards are at 10:15 on Friday morning.  If you wish to continue celebrating with your student after the awards at home, you certainly may!

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