Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had A BLAST at 4H Camp!  Welcome Back everyone!!!  I just feel so invigorated by all of our wonderful experiences at camp and feel even closer to all the students who went.  We: learned about constellations, learned about life during early Kentucky, visted a pond and sifted through dirt and vegetation to find various pond organisms, viewed various birds native to Kentucky from a bird blind, learned about all the importances of bees, dissected owl pellets (owl regurgitation), created candles from beeswax, saw a presentation on reptiles, and then saw a presentation on mammals of Kentucky.  Students also got to enjoy their caramel apples they created during our Fall party and participate in "Sally down the alley" which is a dance tradition at 4H was A BLAST (to say the least)!
J and I had so much fun coming up with faces to adequately illustrate our feeling about our awesome time at camp!

Back at school today, I thought the kids might be wound up or hyper, but they have been absolutely perfect!  We have had such a fantastic day!  Students also got to hear that many of their predictions were correct: I am having a BABY BOY!!!  Jack Robert Thomas is due on April 23rd, 2012!  Mr. Thomas and I are so thrilled to be welcoming a son and now the kids are quite excited as well!  Only 172 days to go!

Here is Baby Jack sucking his precious little thumb!

Our little "jackrabbit" :)
Writing was a quick review today since the students had orchestra which cuts into that instruction time completely.  We are reviewing suffixes and prefixes.

We are SOOO SOOO SOOOOOOOO excited about our concept of focus which is mythology!  The kids are having an absolute blast and are reeeaaaally enjoying learning about the beliefs of the ancient Grecians.  We had a small increment of time to get to our reading groups, but it was nice hearing the student engaging in conversations about their chapter books, using their literature circle role sheets.
HOMEWORK: please make sure your role sheet is COMPLETED for tomorrow's groups.  Groups are only as strong as their weakest links and not doing your role can reeeaaaally bring down a group.

Ms. Frederick did a FUN lesson with us about shadows and how the sun casts shadows on even the moon.  Ask your student about the "Lunar Lollipops"!

Students worked on completing their math tests and proving how they came up with their answers.  They also completed their reading tests from last Friday and worked on our Greek Gods and Goddesses projects.

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

Thanksgiving is 3 WEEKS from TODAY!!!
(that's only 21 days!  YAAAAAY!!!)

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