Friday, May 15, 2015

5.15.15 - the end of the week of the tests

Hola gents and judies!  Not much to report on the homework front (can I get a hoooooray?!?), or about our day...but we did take approximately 2345896349.21 tests this week.  Yes, it was the week of the tests.  Science.  Social Studies.  Reading.  Reading.  Reading.  Family Life.  I'm sorry friends, but at least they're behind you now!
5th graders be like...
MONDAY is our (Thomas kiddos) day to bring snacks for our treat/ snack potluck in celebration of Monarch Downs. Thomas friends must buy/ bring since we lost to the Schleggers.  Bring anything you wish to donate to our buffet!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., Happy Birthday GAVIN!!!  Our sensationally, extraordinary Gavin turns 11 on SUNDAY! Happy, HAPPY Birthday to you, sir!  Oh how we just L-O-V-E you so!!!

but for real though...

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