Monday, May 4, 2015


Hello all.  Hello May.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN compare and contrast information within a text.
Students are continue their work upon the skill of summarizing, but are now utilizing it to compare and contrast within a text.  We first read an article from our Benchmark series and students made a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting the information.  Students then took a quiz over this text and I'm happy to report that they performed WONDERFULLY!

Upon completion of our mini lesson and quiz and while I was working with small groups, students worked in their reading groups to summarize and compare and contrast the information in their books as well as worked on their memoirs and Derby winner summaries.
HOMEWORK: Derby winner summary article due by Friday.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN label, measure, and draw angles using a protractor.
Students continued practice using a protractor to measure, draw, and label angles.  They had much practice with several different tasks pertaining to this concept.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions #s 44-48 due Friday; Workbook pages 113-114 due Thursday

Math 2 students continued their work on their pre-test and most earned their permits to begin the planning and design of Phase 2 towards Geometrocity.  We looked at different maps and observed mapping skills in order to adequately prepare a thoughtfully designed city.
HOMEWORK: complete Permit pack to earn permit by Thursday as we move onto the design within Phase 2.

Students made Camp Shantituck cards about what they think they will be doing on their trip tomorrow and completed watching Bill Nye video about blood pressure

Students read Chapter 8, Lesson 1 within their texts.

Students read from Family Life text about marriage.
HOMEWORK: vocabulary combine and create on Edmodo

Tomorrow is our field trip to Camp Shantituck!  Please come with your belongings and materials to put in the gym in the morning for easy loading before departure.  We should leave around noon!  On a related note, it is FREE DRESS tomorrow.  Girls, please make sure your shorts are of appropriate length.
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., Did you know Mary also has a blog?!?  It is HERE.  Precious.

American Pharaoh is our winner!!!  Who had him?!?  Not I...  Dortmund. 

cutest little bugs in all the land :)

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