Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5.20.15- winner, winner chicken dinner edition

Well, it was FIELD DAY today and if you cannot tell by my title, WE WON THE COVETED SPIRIT STICK!  Yes, that's right...our sweet 5th grade babies won first place in the award for sportsmanship, respect, and spirit.  They did it ALL. ON. THEIR. OWN. and I could NOT be more thrilled, nor more proud!!!  They encouraged each other, but more importantly, they encouraged and cheered for other classes!!!  I am always proud of these kiddos, but today, I am just overwhelmed with pride because this award signifies what I've always known about them- that they are absolutely TREMENDOUS kiddos who are destined for incredible things. Oh how I'll miss them next year!

Let me just tell you about this little stinker...Since we decided blue would be our color shirt- he showed up in THIS.  A handmade DUKE shirt saying, "Just to annoy YOU, Mrs. T!"  So what did I do? Why, wrote, "I Love Mrs. Thomas" in eye black on his face, of course!

LOVE this action shot! How many times did the girls beat the boys?!?  THREE.  Yes...THREE. 

photo cred: Mrs. Kelly

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