Friday, May 8, 2015


Friiiiiiday...a collective "wheeeewwww" radiates from within.  It has been one crazy, chaotic week to say the least!
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify the characteristics of a Myth within a text. 2) I CAN write a compare and contrast essay.
Greek Gods videos from class- HERE, HERE, Prometheus and Pandora's Box animation HERE, and Athena and Arachne animation HERE

We began learning about the genre of myths.  In my opinion, this is the concept that students often get the most excited about and thus, it's my favorite unit.

We discussed the characteristics of myths (as noted in the Benchmark poster above) and then read two which both exhibited the characteristic of explaining the origin of something in the world and something in nature.  Students then compared and contrasted the two myths and compiled this information in a Venn Diagram.  We then used this Venn Diagram to begin planning an outline for writing a compare and contrast essay.

HOMEWORK: Memoirs are to be typed by next Friday and conferenced with me somewhere in between.

Students had 4H with Mrs. Priest
HOMEWORK: Math 2 needs to continue working on Geometrocity designs. 

Students worked on their Monarch butterfly projects.  Speech people did their speeches, poster people presented and hung up posters, and the skit group did their skits.

Students did notes over the American Revolution from Chapter 8, Lesson 3.
HOMEWORK: test next week

Students had a formative quiz within their Family Life text
HOMEWORK: VOCABULARY QUIZ ON MONDAY!  Also, please bring a card for Ms. Rosie's birthday!

Have a wonderful weekend!  9 1/2 days of school left...ahhhh!!!
Mrs. Thomas

Mothers, we are so very grateful for YOU!  Thank you for being YOU.

touche, yes?!?

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