Friday, August 28, 2015

8.28.15 - Day NINE

Yaaaaaay Friiiiiiidaaaaay!
I want to thank all of you who came last evening!  It was a pleasure meeting with you and getting to chat with you about the school year ahead of us!  It was quite nice to already hear feedback from some of you and I truly appreciate your honesty and your support.  Your child's education is most definitely a team effort and please know that his/ her success this year is my utmost concern.  The students were SOOOO excited and delighted to get your notes you left them this was an added bonus to their Friday.

Guess what we got today?!?  Riley's Mom ordered us a WHOLE shipment of books from AMAZON!!!!!   ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL?!!!!?  The kiddos are so, soooooooo excited!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank yoouuuuuuu Mrs. Adkins, you have delighted us so, and the kids could NOT wait to have some silent reading time this afternoon...they BEGGED me for it!  What a treat and a blessing you are!
my excitement as I unwrapped the mystery box!

it was a mystery box so students were snapping pics as I unwrapped it :)

Mrs. Schleg's class had the treat of having Mrs. Nguyen (our school curriculum director) in to teach our first Vocabulary lesson as we get back in the swing of things with our Divide and Conquer. Students worked on dissecting meaning of words through breaking down from the base/ root word from the prefix and/ or suffix.
We encouraged students that this year, they are able to use the dictionary (online or book) as a resource in coming up with applicable definitions to their words.  It is not cheating in the slightest bit as it is a useful reference tool!
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN create a list of possible writing topics.
Students worked on creating a list of writing topics that will be easy for them to elaborate upon and add specific detail, emotion, and dialogue.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN explain the difference between an easy, "just right" and challenging book.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN read and write decimals greater than one in word and standard form.
Students completed lesson from yesterday along with graded common core worksheet.
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN compare and order decimals
Students learned how to compare and order numbers with decimals.  I taught them to rewrite the numbers vertically so they are on top of each other and easier to compare the digits.

HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students learned about the Scientific Method
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students had a quiz over landforms.
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students labeled maps in notebooks
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Have a wild and wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas


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