Monday, August 24, 2015

8.24.15 - Day FIVE

Hello all!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  It was beautiful, wasn't it?!?  It was nice seeing many of you out supporting our Monarchs who crushed the Saint Bernard Wildcats yesterday!!! Whew, and HOW ABOUT THAT END OF THE HALF CATCH FROM OUR VERY OWN ADAM BOONE?!!!!!?  WOWZA!!!!!  I have still such goosebumps!  It was THE PLAY of the day!  So proud of our dude and ALL of our little football stars! I got so excited hearing each of their names announced over the loudspeaker for making plays...Jaxon...Aaron...Jack...and on and on!  I'm just so proud!!!  Go boys, GO!

(I SO wish I had pics of the game...and SO wish I had a video and/ or pic of Booney's catch- it was seriously legendary, folks.  And his celebration?  Precious.  Just...precious. Thus, we will have to settle for a reenactment which is just as priceless!)

And then our cheerleaders were outstanding performing at halftime.  They learned their routine on FRIDAY and still managed to pull it off into something outstanding.  SO proud of those girls too! Boy, it was HOT!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN clearly explain the purpose of a reader's workshop. 2) I CAN develop and demonstrate rules for what reader's workshop looks and sounds like. 3) I CAN explore acceptable responses and questions when sharing with a partner and whole group.
We discussed the purpose of Reader's Workshop today and why it is necessary and moreover, why we have it.  We clarified that it is to build a community of readers and therefore a community of learners and to create an atmosphere that is conducive to being our best reading selves.  We also brainstormed rules to implement so that this may be carried out through Reader's Workshop.   Students brainstormed their own rules and then we also made a chart.  I must say, their rules were far better than mine!  Finally, we discussed acceptable responses and questions whens haring with a partner and whole group.  Students brainstormed questions that would entice conversation between partners and amongst a group and my goodness, they did wonderful!  Again, their questions were far better than my teacher text's example!  My homeroom had enough time to work with a partner over their Loser questions that I had posted on the blog over the summer.  They discussed possible answers and then began creating questions over the next 50 pages.


LEARNING TARGET: 1) I CAN extend place-value through the billions period.  2) I CAN read and write whole numbers through billions in words, standard form, and expanded form.
Students learned about identifying place value through the billions.  See my notes from class below :)

Elizabeth demonstrating the expanded form

HOMEWORK: MATH 1: WORKBOOK page 1 (due Wed.); MATH 2: WORKBOOK PAGES 1 AND 2 (due Wed.); BOTH MATH 1 AND 2: Simple Solutions pages 4, 5, & 6 due Wednesday; 7 & 8 due Friday.

Students worked on the scientific method, specifically focusing upon the hypothesis step.

Students worked on landforms.
HOMEWORK: finish vocabulary definitions and illustrations

Students wrote down expectations of Mass and will be starting the Bible on Wednesday

We have begun jobs this week!  Kate is my teacher's assistant!  And Isabela is our Paparazzi person. Check out our OWLSTANDING PHOTOGS! page for her extra pics from today!
The cutest little assistant I ever did see :)

Have a marvelous Monday!
Tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY!
Mrs. Thomas

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