Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8.26.15 - Day SEVEN

Happy Wednesday, all!  And yet we have quite the beautiful day amongst us again!  Why couldn't it have been this way this summer?  Grrrr.
You may remember students taking an end of the year assessment in Benchmark over all concepts learned throughout the year last year.  To start this year, students must take a PRE-assessment to see what skills they have retained from previous years and where I need to begin on instruction with them.  It helps me to know where their mastery of concepts begins and ends.  Because of the Boy Scouts meeting on Monday, Mrs. Schleg's class lost class time so they did not get to the Loser question portion of class like my class which goes with the "First 30 Days of Routines and Rituals Lessons from Benchmark Literacy, focusing on appropriate questioning and responses with partners and groups.  Thus, after the pre-assessment, they were able to participate in this activity.  5T worked on something to do with goal setting that will be on display tomorrow night at Open House...
...SPEAKING OF...YOU ARE COMING TO OPEN HOUSE, AREN'T YOU?!?  It's 6:30-8 TOMORROW EVENING.  Please meet us teachers and Mrs. Zettel in the cafeteria by 6:30PM for a quick meeting before heading upstairs to our classrooms.  (Your students may or may not have prepared a little something for you that will be on display).  Parents of 5T students, IF you have a tablet that downloads apps, would you mind bringing it with you and downloading the app, "Aurasma" beforehand, please??  If you do not have a tablet or one that will not sync with compatible apps, then need not worry, you can borrow mine!  It's just a little something :)
We also worked on some WRITING/ GRAMMAR.  We learned in our narrative pre-assessment that inserting dialogue is an area of growth for many students so this was a concept in which we had a quick 10 minute lesson and students worked on writing sentences correctly using this feature.


LEARNING TARGET: 1) I CAN read and write whole numbers through billions in words, standard form, and expanded form.
First, we checked our Simple Solutions due today and then reviewed our Workbook pages due today
MATH #1 worked on the lesson of expanded form that Math #2 had time to complete on Monday. They learned how to stretch out and recognize the value of each place-value digit.
HOMEWORK: Workbook page 2; Simple Solutions pages 7 & 8 due Friday

Math #2: 
LEARNING TARGET: 2) I CAN read and write decimals with values greater than one in words and standard form.
Worked on the concept of DECIMALS.  Last year in 4th grade, they took decimals out to the hundredths place.  This year, we will be working out to the thousandths place.  We discussed how decimals are the only time that you are allowed to use the word "and" in a number or else the number being read is wrong and people often mistakenly add it when conversing with others.  We also discussed the many places that decimals can be found, specifically with money and how we can always go back to money to help us with equating the value of decimals; i.e., it takes ten tenths to equal 1 whole so a tenth is like a dime, it takes 100 hundredths to equal 1 whole so a hundredth is like a penny, and 1 whole is like 1 whole dollar since each of these comprise monetary amounts to get to them.  Next, it was time to study a thousandth which is the next place-value step beyond a hundredth. This a bit more difficult for students to master because there is no monetary value to equate it to, so we just made one up: we called it: a JIMMY!  It takes one thousand JIMMIES to equal 1 whole dollar and to get from each place-value to the next, you must multiply by ten.  The students practiced going forward and backwards with this and then writing decimals in standard, word, and fraction form as well as equivalent forms.
HOMEWORK: Workbook pages 3 and 4; Simple Solutions pages 7 & 8 due Friday
This was their entrance slip (quiz)

Students got to do AWESOME Science experiments to see if gym shoes made them jump higher or not.  They hypothesized that they did to which they concluded that they were indeed correct!

Students reviewed homework and started discussing the land bridge, Beringia, that connected Asia to North America in the Ice Age
HOMEWORK: read Chapter 1 (pages 47-51) and study for quiz Friday

Students got to hold Timmy the Bearded Dragon and studied the New and Old Testament and also put notes on fish about what they believed in the bible as shown below:

HOMEWORK: study notebook because it is possible students will have a pop quiz

Check out Isabela's Paparazzi Pics by today by clicking HERE!  She's doing a TERRIFIC JOB!

Also, Lexi's mother is getting married this week, so naturally, Lexi is out of town attending that.
Thus, Winona (Judd) and Booney are filling in her spot as guess bloggers.  Check out their guest post about annoying music HERE.  They're a mess.

Don't Forget!  Tomorrow is our Open House for grades 2-5 from 6:30-8PM.  See you in the Cafeteria first!  5T parents, please download the app, "Aurasma" (it's FREE!) and bring your iPad or compatible tablets IF you have them and were able to download it.  If not, no worries, you can use's just for a quick surprise :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., Do you remember Monarch Downs last year?!?  We have a NEW reading competition "kicking off" here between 4R, 4Y, 5S, and 5T...except this time, 5T is going to be pushing all the other teams waaaaaaaaay back.  We scoring TOUCHDOWNS with Reading!!!

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