Thursday, December 15, 2011


Happy second to last day of school for 2011, friends!!  Tomorrow is our LAST day!!!  Ahhhh!!! We are dopping like flies around here...sicky Vicky and Rickies!! 

As this flu season is upon us, other communicable diseases spread their ickiness we we need to be sure we are taking the appropriate precautions to ensure our health:
-frequent handwashing
-adequate rest and nutrition
-coughing and sneezing into the crook of our arms
-staying home if we are vomitting or have even a low-grade fever
-using hand sanitizer frequently, tissues to blow our nose, and being conscious about keeping our hands out of our mouths, eyes, and noses.

I sure hate to have my "lovebugs" be "sickbugs" :(  We miss you when you're not here!!!  Feel better fast, friends!!

Our class went to Ms. Frederick today to learn about Christmas and Winter Holiday traditions in Mexico.  I had Ms. Schrader's class in here with me to learn about holiday traditions in Israel.  I finally get to have my homeroom babies in HERE with ME tomorrow!  YAAAAAY!!!

We completed our midterms and worked on our Math Curse problems.

PM activities:
students worked on their math curses while I helped small groups mold their snowman ornaments that we will paint and complete tomorrow.  They are already sooooo cute!  Imagine them with paint!!!

Have a tremendous night and I can't wait to see you for our final school day of 2011!!
I love you!
Mrs. Thomas

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