Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am a lousy teacher...I completely neglected my blogger duties yesterday and thus, I am incredibly sorry!  It is never best practice to not keep you updated or informed and therefore I promise to continue my daily communication through this outlet and tool.

With that said, I must let you know out of excitement that Jackbaby got a gift from a sweet friend today for Christmas!  Emilee brought Jack a Cubs bear and me an owl that was super sweet and super crafty!  Jack's Daddy (Mr. Thomas) is quite possibly, the BIGGEST Cubs fan EVER and so is Jack's Mamaw (Mr. Thomas's mother - my mother-in-law) so it was the absolute perfect gift!  I sent him a text picture of it this morning after Emilee gave it to me and he was so. so. sooooo excited!  Thank you so much, Emilee, for your kind thoughtfulness!!  You are such a sweet friend to my son!

Since it was orchestra day, we had no direct Writing instruction, but it was incorporated into our reading rotations.  We are still focusing upon multiple meaning words.
HOMEWORK: none - except study words for quiz!

We are still studying main idea and finding details to support it.  We got in groups and were able to review all concepts from the week.
HOMEWORK: complete the "CHARACTER COMPARISON" Venn Diagram, AND the "STORY MAP" for your group's chapter book.  ALSO, please work on the "Unscramble my Word" activity for your vocabulary words this week.  Vocabulary test is TOMORROW!

Students worked with Ms. Frederick on a cool activity!  They got to see how volcanoes erupt and witness that rapid earth process that can cause significant change to our surface and those around it.

We finished our skill yesterday of looking at ways to divide numbers into equal groups and seeing the relationship between multiplication and division.  Students were asked to find ways to arrange tables for an upcoming family reunion with 36 relatives present.  They had 5 different shapes of tables that could only sit a certain number of people per table and there could be no remainders or parts of tables used.  It was great fun!  We also started on LONG DIVISION! 
Visit these sites tonight to help you with this awesome skill:
HOMEWORK: students need to practice multiplication facts.  We began long division today and it was incredibly difficult for many students who do not have mastery of this basic skill.

Have a terrific night and rest up...we have MAP testing TOMORROW!!!  I KNOW you are going to ROCK it!

Mrs. Thomas

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