Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hello everyone and Happy Terrific Tuesday to you!  It may be another dreary day, but I am pumped about the start of winter weather rolling in...I sure hope it sticks!

Writing was in Reading Rotations today since the majority of the students had orchestra.
HOMEWORK: complete "Multiple Meanings" worksheet

To practice our skill of focus, students met with me in a small group to read articles from Scholastic magazines for Kids and we used the Hand Organizer to identify the main idea (goes in the palm of the hand), and details we read in the text that supports the main idea (listed on the fingers).  Students also got to work on some new (and oh so very fun) Word Work activities...ask your student to share one with you tonight...one is wearing a headband while you clue the person into the word you are describing for them to guess without seeing the headbands on his/her head!  They looked so cute!  Students also worked independently to identify the main idea from our reading text for the week (Wildfires) AND met with groups to discuss favorite parts of chapter books in preparation for our projects coming up!
HOMEWORK: complete Exercises 2 and 3 for our Vocabulary (and the "Multiple Meanings" worksheet listed above under Writing Homework).

We practiced extra hard on some DIVISION and well, the students are "knocking it out of the park!"  They really are doing a sensational job and I could not be more proud of their progress!
HOMEWORK: TEXTBOOK page 100, problems 1 through 6, using the H-T-O method we've been practicing in class.
ALSO, complete ANY of the multiplication problems from the worksheets we worked on in class.

No Science today due to Ms. Frederick's class having MAP testing!

Have a wonderful evening and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!
Mrs. Thomas

Christmas is 19 days away!
and Winter Break begins after 8 school days from today!

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