Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello all and HAPPY DECEMBER!!!  I hope I find you well and wonderful on this fantastic, fabulous Friday!!  Yesterday, we 4th grade teachers had a Professional Development (a meeting) to attend so there were subs here for all 4 of us.  While I was disappointed in the actions of some, I am proud of most!  To my knowledge, you all were well-behaved for the most part with our sub!  yay!

We took our vocabulary test and then had an assessment over our concept of focus this week: Identifying the Main Idea and finding and using Details to SUPPORT it.
HOMEWORK: i gave the assignment that ALL chapter books needed to be finished BY TODAY and I saw that SEVERAL friends had simply ignored that request.  Thus, they MUST be finished BY MONDAY or there will be consequences!

Students again got to work on studying the properties of different types of soils with Ms. Frederick.  They have such a GREAT time! 

Because of our GREAT behavior in Science yesterday (Ms. Frderick's sub said they were beyond phenomenal!), and our adaptability due to some unexpected incidents, I gave the students extra, EXTRA recess for the first half of math!
When we came in, we worked on reviewing and practicing some 3-digit multiplication and the students worked hard and did an excellent job!

I hope you have a tremendous weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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