Friday, December 9, 2011


WOWZA!!!!  I could NOT be more excited about most of our MAP results in reading today!  The students absolutely rocked. it. OUT.  Our big winner today was John, moving up 24 POINTS...yes, you heard me correctly, 24 POINTS!!!  We expect most students to move about 3-4 points between testing sessions, but 24?!?  Holy Toledo!  Crazy!  His Momma came in to surprise him with Balloons, a candy gram, and a card!  She is the sweetest ever and it was awesome seeing the thrills of a proud momma and a talented son...they gave me chills!!!

Here are our other BIG gainers on MAP Reading today!!!

We took our summative assessment over Main Idea and supporting details found in the text.  Our ORQs were EXPONENTIALLY better than last time and I am so pumped!

We did NOT have Science or Math today due to MAP testing during Science time and STOMP BASH during Math Time.  I had such A BLAST dancing with you all in the gym!  YAAAAY!!  Congratulations to everyone who had enough Proficient and Distinguished scores to get to go!  This teacher's heart is filled with overwhelming happiness and pride for all her students!

I love, love, looooooove you!  Thank you for being so awesome to Baby Jack and his momma! 
Mrs. Thomas

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