Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I finally get to say WELCOME BACK after our break!  I hope your Thanksgiving with your friends, family, and loved ones was sensational!  Mine sure was :)

Our Learning Target for the day was 3.OA.3: I can identify the unknown whole number in order to solve a multiplication or division equation.  This is more on the lines of algebraic thinking and students were given a multiplication product with a missing factor and they had to identify that unknown number.  This is a higher order thinking skill and is virtually impossible without background knowledge of basic multiplication facts.  With that said, I cannot stress enough how very, very important it is to be continuously practicing at home.  I certainly will not be naming names, but I CAN TELL who is and who is not practicing at home.  It REEEAAALLY shows here.  On the same tune, some students are really doing quite well with their facts and I am very pleased!  Thank you to all who turned in their flashcard projects that were due today (7s, 8s, 9s)!  I put the sticker of completion on the bag and then sent them back home with your student so he/ she can practice, practice, practice away!  The reason for this project is for the students' benefit and I'd like to see them utilizing these fun and friendly flashcards!
HOMEWORK: timed test, GET. IT. SIGNED.  6s and 12s (the last of the flashcards) are DUE MONDAY, DECEMBER 3RD.

Students are reading from the reading textbook the story, "Tops and Bottoms" and are focusing on the skill of identifying the Author's Purpose and locating details within the text to support their reasoning.  They will also be looking at how the animals are personifying humans.

PM activities:
We are beginning work on our personal narratives!!!

Picture Retakes are TOMORROW!
Midterms will be coming home TOMORROW!
6s and 12s of FLASHCARDS are due Monday, Dec. 3rd.
Garth Storybook Night is Dec. 6th.  Please send back RSVPs ASAP!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

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