Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11.7.12 - a webbing Wednesday!

Today, we went to see CHARLOTTE'S WEB at Scott County High School and let me just tell was WONDERFUL, to say the least!  Or as Charlotte says in her web, it was TERRIFIC and it was RADIANT!!!  We had such a great time and the kiddos were so excited to see one of their very most favorite stories in action.  They even got free tickets so their parents can take them bacm for an encore performance free of charge!  Believe me, it is worth your while, they really put on a great show and the set is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  Here are some a bunch of pics I snapped during our time there...

friends :)

audience members waiting on the production to start!

bus ride there!

on the bus on the way there!

bus ride there!

bus ride there

loooooooove my sweet girls!

wasn't the scenery AMAZING?!?

Charlotte with her web

"SOME PIG" in Charlotte's web



The fair backdrop...isn't it GREAT!?!!?

love my sweet Abigail!

terrific Terri!

Cool Chloe!

Tremendous Tay-belle!

Willow got to have her picture taken with Charlotte!

Many peeps were inquiring about how Baby Jack spent his extra time with his Mommy on her day off yesterday.  Well...

he ate his BFF, the lion :)

he went voting with Mommy

he did a little work at Daddy's office

he met with some clients...

he caught up on his emailing

he took several business calls

and he did some light reading while at the doctor's office :)
How did YOU spend YOUR day off?!?  What was your favorite part about the play today?!?  I sure thought Charlotte did an awesome job!

HOMEWORK TONIGHT: READING LOGS.  Fill in the ice cream scoop organizer on the back of your log.  NO EXCEPTIONS, this MUST be done!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

PS., Since he was sick and unable to visit you guys on Halloween, here is my little chicken.  CLUCK, CLUCK, BOCK, BOCK...he says!

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