Friday, November 9, 2012


Well, we started off our day a little rough...SEVERAL of our friends did not do their multiplication projects!  Booooo.  Then, SEVERAL of our friends did not do their homework packets.  Double BOOOOOOO!  Mrs. Thomas was not happy, happy, happy and well, we had a leeeennnngthy discussion about responsibility, accountability, dependability, and respect.  Those students who did not have their 2s, 5s, and 10s projects MUST HAVE THEM COMPLETED BY MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH...WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!!  I sent home a new packet and a Ziploc bag full of supplies ready for completion.  Please see to it that your student has this complete.

NEW portions of the multiplication projects (3s, 4s, & 11s) were sent home today and are due by November 19th. 

Here are some pictures from RECESS today:

she's a HOOT!

this dollbaby is SUCH a sweetheart!!

Willow and I were dressed almost exactly alike!  Same color dress, same color socks/ tights, and headbands...ahhhh!!!!

sweet, sweet girlies

just love my fabulous gals so much!

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