Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hey guys and gals...HAPPY THURSDAY! I hope you all are staying warm today out there! Today we had a very nice Liturgy & afterwards had the Monarch Awards. Congrats to Keeli Langford on receiving the award for this trimester!! (pictures below) Also a BIG happy birthday to Laura and Emma today!! I also announced the Young Author's runner up's that came in 2nd place which were...Alyssa's story, Riley's story, and Mary's story. Good job girls & to EVERYONE on doing such a great job on these. I will be rereading everyone's final drafts over the weekend and having a Language Arts grade for them by next week for you all :) 

LANGUAGE ARTS: I CAN...find inferences in text. I CAN... write a memior. Today we worked on visualizing and inferring from a historical fiction piece. We also continued with our reading groups. For writing we were introduced to the beginning of writing memiors. We shared our items that we brought in with a partner and discussed with each other what that item represented.
HOMEWORK: Read for 30 
minutes & log your hours online (by tonight!).

HOMEWORK: FIELD TRIP PERMISSION SLIPS DUE FRIDAY! Project proposal for Science Fair and parent signature form due Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Today we checked our homework and wrote down facts about all 13 colonies.
HOMEWORK: Test Wednesday.

MATH: I CAN...list common multiples and find the Least Common Denominator (LCD) of a set of fractions. Today we checked over our homework and were introduced to improper fractions by a Smart Board game. The link for the fraction pizza game is HERE! Another helpful video is HERE!
HOMEWORK: Workbook pg. 47. Simple Solutions lessons 3 & 4 are due by Friday morning. Test next Thursday.

RELIGION: Today the Master Gardener came in and the students dissected a worm!
HOMEWORK: Finish worm diagram in notebook.

  • Friday, February 13 Valentine's Parties @ 1:45
  • Ash Wednesday is February 18 (Mass this day and NOT Thursday)
  • Trimester 2 ends February 19
  • Fish Frys begin February 20

I'm so excited to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all tomorrow :) Our party at the end of the day should be really fun...but only if we work hard and do our best tomorrow! I love each of you and will see you in the morning!
XO- Ms. Ray

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