Monday, February 9, 2015


Good afternoon 5th grade families! I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather over the weekend! It sounds like everyone had a great weekend either playing sports or going to the Father Daughter Dance :) Today during Language Arts we got to be judges for the 4th grade Young Author's stories. Everyone did such a great job respecting the 4th grade stories and judging them appropriately. Ms. Rhodes in 4th grade is in charge of Young Author's this year and as soon as she let's me know the winners I will announce it to everyone! You all worked very hard on these & should be proud of them! 

The blogger for this week is Keeli Langford :)

LANGUAGE ARTS: I CAN...find inferences in text.
HOMEWORK: Read for 30 
minutes Monday night and 30 minuets Tuesday night & log your hours online :)

SCIENCE: Talked about the Science Fair.
HOMEWORK: Project proposal for Science Fair and parent signature form due Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Completed questions for Chapter 5.
HOMEWORK: Read Lessons 2 & 3 in Ch. 5 by Wednesday. 

MATH: I CAN...list common multiples and find the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of a set of numbers.
HOMEWORK: Workbook pg. 46 1-37 (due Wednesday). Simple Solutions lessons 3 & 4 are due by Friday morning.

RELIGION: Worked from our Family Life books.
HOMEWORK: Finish Family Life pg. 23 and answer questions on Sycamore by Wednesday.

  • Technology HW: 3 pictures ( 1 baby, 1 present day, and 1 of your choice) & you are allowed to work on Emaze presentations
  • Music: Recorder HW
  • Spanish: Bring supplies
  • This Thursday after Liturgy the Monarch Awards will be announced!
  • Friday, February 13 Valentine's Parties @ 1:45

Have a great evening and I will see all of you in the morning :)
XO- Ms. Ray

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