Monday, February 16, 2015


Oh my goodness gracious…I can't believe all this snow!! I did NOT expect this much coming at us at all! I'm sure you all are enjoying it though…especially being off school (2 DAYS IN A ROW!)! So I know a lot of you are probably wondering…no school, now what?! Wellllll…beginning tomorrow at 10:00 AM we are going to have our VERY 1ST ONLINE SCHOOL DAY @ HOME! I talked about this a few blogs ago, so most of you should know what's going on. I know Mrs. Zettel also sent home a newsletter about it a few weeks ago as well. 

So let's get to the basics…
I know tomorrow would have usually been a resource day for you all. So the resource teachers are sending me (as well as Mrs. Schleg) their plans for you to complete at home. You will also have reading and math work from me to do as well at home. All work with directions will be sent via e-mail to your parents' email by 10:00 AM tomorrow (Tuesday, February 17, 2015). Then I (Ms. Ray) will be available to answer any questions for you through MRS. THOMAS' SCHOOL E-MAIL until 3:00 PM tomorrow (Tuesday, February 17, 2015). You can contact me through that if you have any questions @ all :)

So in the mean time…stay warm, have fun in the snow, and be looking for an e-mail from Mrs. Thomas' e-mail by 10:00 AM tomorrow! 

XOXO- Ms. Ray

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